Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


The Word makes it clear that we are to pray and ask of God, that He hears and will answer us. When we pray we are to have an expectation that, if we ask according to God’s will, we will receive from Him what we ask. Every moment, God is in the process of answering prayers of those who call out to Him. We want to give God glory and encourage intercessors, by sharing some stories of what God is doing in answer to prayer. We call these God stories, because these testimonies are all about Him.

Jesus speaks to children

After killing their husbands, Boko Haram militants asked the four widows of the dead men to renounce their Christian faith or their children would be shot. They were given time to think over this dreadful choice.

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Saved from jaguar in the shadows

The chief of an Amazon tribe was a disabled man, broken by many accidents and injuries. He prayed to the wooden idol for help, yet it did not reply. Then he dreamed of a jaguar that wanted to kill him, but there was also a Man in the dream who said he would protect him.

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His story vs history

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an idea of what God is really up to in this world? Must the daily diet of wars, murder and mayhem in the news always get me down? Underneath the bad news, God is surely up to something good.

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Raised from the dead

There was grieving, there was mourning, there was wailing, and then she feels prompted in her heart to pray for him. She’s thinking, ‘This is crazy.’ Her palms are sweaty [and] she’s wondering, ‘What in the world can a prayer do?’

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Pray for persecutors

Their father mercilessly beat them hoping that they would renounce their new faith. But the daughters remained faithful and started praying for their father.

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Underground church in North Korea

After receiving ministry training in China, a Christian woman from North Korea returned to her home country. For many months, the workers in the training centre did not hear from her. They wondered if she had perhaps been caught and imprisoned?

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A dream and encounter with death

He knocked and a man in a white garment opened the door. “Who are you?” Jaffar asked. The man told him he was the owner of the door and invited him in. Knowing what was behind him, Jaffar stepped over the threshold.

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