Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


The Word makes it clear that we are to pray and ask of God, that He hears and will answer us. When we pray we are to have an expectation that, if we ask according to God’s will, we will receive from Him what we ask. Every moment, God is in the process of answering prayers of those who call out to Him. We want to give God glory and encourage intercessors, by sharing some stories of what God is doing in answer to prayer. We call these God stories, because these testimonies are all about Him.

The final piece of the puzzle

As ministry workers in the United States discovered, working to see the gospel take root in the heart of a least-reached person is much like putting together a massive jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the front of the box.

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From racism and anti-Semitism, to love

Tom grew up in a dysfunctional family in America’s Deep South. When his high school was desegregated during the 1960s, he began to absorb hate-filled literature that radicalised him and set him on a destructive and violent path of racism and anti-Semitism.

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Together on the other side

For many years a Romanian believer was beaten twice a week by the secret police. It is easy to become bitter, but a true Christian always seeks another person’s highest good—even when mistreated.

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First in her family

Madina grew up as a Muslim in a Central Asian country, but what she saw in her Christian colleagues made her believe that they were people of true light, joy and peace.

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Singing in the night-soil pit

Night-soil pit duty was the most difficult task in prison. Brother Zang had to walk into this disease-ridden mess to remove it. But this tremendous spiritual challenge brought great blessings, which he never thought possible.

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Algerian jihadi finds rest

Ali had a long beard, wore white clothing and trained to fight alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan. Then, following a crackdown on Islamists, he suddenly found himself at the top of the Algerian government’s most-wanted list.

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Project Pearl

The tugboat weaved through a maze of anchored Chinese navy ships in the darkness near the port city of Shantou, southern China. Thousands of local Christians waited patiently in the darkness on the appointed beach.

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Uber driver finds gospel of peace

In her dream, Lydia was on her way to the slums in Delhi. What happened next after she got into an Uber driver’s car, revealed God’s heart for a man who needed to find peace.

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Buddhist monks turn to Jesus

As the Buddhist monks learned about Jesus, they said: ’Well, somebody has to be wrong here. Either Buddha is god or Jesus’. They wanted to test and see who really was God.

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