The Jericho Walls Prayer Alert on WhatsApp and Telegram has been established to mobilise intercessors to pray for important upcoming prayer concerns in our nation or worldwide. Individuals are invited to join this group to receive information. This is not a group where prayer requests are posted continually. A request will occasionally be launched for specific matters in need of prayer. These specific prayer sessions will be communicated to all subscribers to the WhatsApp and Telegram groups via a message.

Such times of intense prayer will last a few days only. In between these prayer alerts, this specific Prayer Alert will be dormant. The only activity will be the adding of subscribers. Jericho Walls Prayer Network will not respond to any messages sent to this number. If you would like to contact us, please call our office on  +27 87 700 2006 or email us at


In this troubled time in South Africa’s history, the influence of and decisions made by the President of the country are critical. We want to encourage all believers to join this weekly Presidential Prayer Watch, as much prayer is needed.

You will receive a weekly message with prayer pointers to pray for current issues regarding the President of South Africa.

The prayer information can be used in weekly prayer groups, Bible study groups or cell/home groups. It can also be used in church on a Sunday as part of weekly anouncements, encouraging many more to faithfully pray for our President.


The Isa Prayer Watch was started to mobilise and equip intercessors to pray for the salvation of the growing Muslim population in South Africa.

Literally hundreds of Muslims are monthly pouring into South Africa from surrounding countries, as well as other African nations. Some are looking for a better future, others are refugees. Many come with a desire to promote Islam among the South African population and aim to establish a mosque in every city, town and community over time.

A weekly prayer request will be posted on a Monday to point out a matter of concern for prayer, relating to Muslims in South Africa.

If you would like to contact us, please call our office on  +27 87 700 2006 or email us at


A Virtual Prayer Group (WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal)

A virtual prayer wall is a WhatsApp/ Telegram/ Signal group (prayer wall/room) where members of the group are invited to post their prayers. Once a week – or more often – participants can for e.g. for one or two hours at a time, actively participate by posting written and audio prayers on the group pertaining to a specific purpose and/or focus. Examples of such focus areas are: revival in the Church, or prayer for a city/town, for unsaved family or friends.
Article: How to start a prayer group (“virtual prayer wall”) on WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal


A Prayer Watch on WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal

A Mobile 24-7 Prayer Watch is a WhatsApp/ Telegram/ Signal group where members of the group take specific weekly or daily hours to pray by themselves, so that the group is praying night and day for Revival in the Church and Salvation among the Nations.

Article: How to start a 24-7 mobile prayer watch on WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal

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