God Story
Divine appointment

The call from the mosque grew quieter as [my husband and I] made our way down the street and past the university, its lawn dotted with students relaxing in the shade of trees and its paths cluttered with small groups strolling leisurely. A young woman stopped and stared at us, likely intrigued by our light hair and foreign features. Suddenly she hurried toward our family.

“Hello!” She greeted us, pulling out her phone. “Can I take a photo with your children?”

This is a common request in the culture. Many locals ask for photos with foreigners, especially children. Still, we’re not comfortable with strangers carrying pictures of our young kids, so I politely declined in the local dialect.

The young woman tilted her head in surprise. “You speak our language so well. Are you a Muslim?”

I smiled. “I follow Jesus. Have you heard of Him? Or read the Injil?”

At that, she lit up. “Yes, I have been studying it online.”

I tried not to let my amazement show as she tapped on her phone and pulled up a Facebook Messenger group with a cross logo. Apparently, the group was filled with Muslims who were reading and discussing the Word together.

“I don’t know if I believe the Injil,” she explained. “But I want to know what it says. Maybe there is truth there.”

“If you’re interested, I would love to meet with you and talk more about it. Maybe we can even study together,” I offered.

“That would be great.” The young woman shared her phone number, and I saved it in my contacts.

As the student returned to her friends, I sent up a prayer of thanksgiving. Only a few hours earlier our teammates had walked this very route, praying for divine appointments and opportunities to talk about Jesus. God had answered their prayers, and I am confident that He will complete the work He has started in our new friend’s heart.

(The original story was shortened.)
Source: Pioneers


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