Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Magdalena* is a young woman in a North African country. Before the revolution and the Arab Spring in 2010, it was very difficult to spread the gospel in that nation. During that time she was a radical political and religious activist. But, in His grace, God got hold of her and she became a Jesus follower. She says now she is as radical for Jesus, as she was radical as a political and religious activist.

She started to work on a university campus and one by one she led students to the Lord Jesus. Soon she had eight students that started to follow Jesus. People from this group started to reach out and started new groups. In less than a year, there were about 100 Jesus followers of which 80 had been baptised.

Now, 15 months later, there are already 300 people who follow Jesus!

What was the strategy? One believer led a number of individuals to Jesus, started a Bible study group, invited friends to come, read the Bible, showed the Jesus Film and they shared their testimonies.

The Kingdom result: New groups were started and these groups multiplied.

*Name changed to protect the individual

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