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A family of six living in the Himalayans recently came to Christ after hearing the story of Zacchaeus. One day an OM team came to their village to share the gospel. “The main focus of the story was that we are sinners and God can forgive our sins, that’s what we wanted them to clearly understand,” said one OM worker. When the family heard the story, they received the revelation that they are sinners and must believe in Jesus and repent of their sins. Immediately, the entire family believed in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Maya*, one of the family members, after coming to Christ, decided to learn the story of Zacchaeus to share with others. Determined to share her new-found faith, Maya who was just seven years old, memorised the exact way the OM workers shared the story and set out to share it too. She also fasted (as taught by the OM worker) for one day for God to strengthen her faith to share. Maya shared the gospel with around sixty of her friends at school. As she shared, her teachers were shocked she was able to learn all of this and speak so effectively. Surprised and impressed by this, they allowed her to share with the teachers as well who also wanted to know more. Out of Maya’s bold evangelistic efforts, one of her friends came to Christ. How encouraging it is to see Maya, a child, declaring God’s love and forgiveness to those around her.
* Not her real name

Source: OM

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