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Tariq entered his friend’s home, welcomed by many greetings and the best seat in the house. As a Qazi (a judge of Islamic law), he expected no less. A few dozen men had gathered to watch a film, and now that the Qazi arrived, it could begin.

The film began in silence. Tariq glanced around the room. He wanted to guard their faith well, and he wondered what would come of this experience. Some strangers had come from another village, and Tariq’s friend had welcomed them into his home. They had set up this film showing about the life of Isa (Jesus). Tariq wasn’t sure he could trust them, but he was curious.

About 15 minutes into the movie, someone appeared on the screen Tariq never expected to see. A figure—a man—moving through the crowd and into the water. Tariq froze when he saw His face. He saw Jesus, and he couldn’t look away. He saw His miracles, His sacrifice, and His resurrection.

When one of the strangers turned off the movie, Tariq shot to his feet. Beating his chest, tears gushing from his eyes, Tariq exclaimed, “He is the man I saw in my dreams! He told me, ‘Come to me. I am your salvation.’ I have been looking for who this is for the last six years, but I never had a chance to hear about Him.”

Shaken to his bones, Tariq declared, “I am now following Him.”

That night the Qazi’s testimony influenced 44 other men to stand up and proclaim they too wanted to follow Jesus.

Source: Jesus Film Project

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