“My Father sees, my
Father hears, my Father knows.”
– Andrew Murray

To know that the Father knows that you need what you ask, this is your freedom to bring every need in the assurance that your God will supply it according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). – Andrew Murray

God wants us to trust that He is our Father who sees us, who hears our prayers and who knows what we need. But He also wants us to ask according to His will with an expectation that He will answer us.

We provide some testimonies of how our heavenly Father answers prayer, and how He works in and through participants in 24-7 prayer.

10 Days of Prayer

Receiving His heart for the lost

God showed many of us His heart for the lost. Many of the cities we prayed for, we did not even know existed. Some shared that they would Google and read about those cities. In doing that a fire was kindled in our hearts.

Many shared that they had neglected to pray for the lost. We repented and asked forgiveness. Many shared how Jesus filled them with love; to love those that we had turned our backs on. In fact, we ignored them, did not want to have anything to do with them.

We praised God for His love that does not give up on us. We are grateful to serve a Living God and have a real relationship with Him.

Johanna and Touching Heart teams, Paarl

United in prayer

Praying together has been such an enriching experience for me over the past 10 days.The awareness of many people praying in unity under One Name and in One Spirit together for Israel, for towns and cities around the world, and for God’s church, awakened a joy within me and excites me about everything that has been promised to us in the Word.

Thank you for everything I learned from each one of you. May God bless each one of you in what you do.

Tilla Steenkamp

Unharmed in accident

A few minutes after we prayed at the entrance to our town, there was an accident at the exact spot! A truck collided with a car. The man, woman and child in the car were unharmed and drove away from the scene. The other people involved were also unharmed. We believe a serious collision was averted by our prayer. Praise the Lord!

Graafwater, South Africa

Link in the prayer chain

Personally, I enjoy praying in a group. Knowing that if the alarm goes off, you must get up or the link in the prayer chain will be broken. John 17:21 calls us to unity. Every contemplation of personal revival has been enriching for me. We know that revival begins with yourself, then the church. Thereafter, the city and beyond.

Participants in the week of prayer testify of the strengthening of the unity of the body, the privilege of praying together, as well as personal enrichment.

Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Strangers accept Christ

Two people from the community were led by the Lord to come to the prayer room. Both accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Mitchells Plain, Cape Town

A deaf mother can hear

This testimony involved the whole of Namibia. A young mother and single parent in our congregation had been deaf since birth. The opportunity arose for her to get a cochlear implant, but the medical fund was unable to fund the procedure to the cost of R500,000.

The community stepped in with online auctions to raise money. It was urgent because the operation was scheduled for within 2 weeks. Auctions of cakes and other items ran online all week, as well as donations via radio talks. In the end someone from Germany got in touch and paid the outstanding amount. This is a miracle – I believe one of many to follow! And that’s all during the week of intense prayer worldwide.

The operation was a success and the woman can hear for the first time! The further miracle was that the doctor and the hospital involved eventually did not ask any money for the procedure!

Janine, Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Changing the workplace

A quiet and withdrawn Brother who works for the City of Cape Town, joined our prayer group a few months ago.

After 7 weeks of praying for boldness in the workplace the following happened:
▪️He asked the foreman permission to open their team meetings each day in prayer.
▪️This led to him praying for and leading a Muslim colleague to Christ.
▪️The following week he blessed this colleague with a grocery box and placed a Bible in it.
▪️Workers’ attitudes are starting to change and management has even made a space available for him and others to pray through their lunch hours.
▪️While crossing a field in his community he witnessed a young man purchasing drugs. He offered to pray for him. The young man became so convicted he returned the drugs and asked for a refund.

Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa

Time of refreshing

The 10 Days of Prayer was a refreshing time spiritually. The move of God was so tangible in all our meetings.

On the last day, I passed by a friend who owns a hotel close by. While we sat there talking, another woman in her 30s walked in and sat with us.

We started talking, I looked at her and said to her:
“You need to come back home; God is waiting for you with His arms outstretched to give you a big hug”.

She broke down and said, “I have been asking God to give me confirmation that I must go back to church.” She hadn’t set foot at church since Covid started. I held her and she sobbed. We exchanged numbers and she is coming to church this Sunday.

Sindi, Botswana

A holy moment

I am grateful and full of praise, power and joy. What a special 24-7 10 Days of Prayer under the Lord’s wings!

My highlight was our reading Scripture from Thursday 00:00 midnight to Friday in hourly portions from Acts to Revelation and Psalm 119.

My daily prayer hour at midnight was a big challenge for me. In the middle of the 10 Days, the Holy Spirit started talking to me about reading the Word like the Jews do during the night in Israel.

As the Holy Spirit led me, the reading schedule began with Acts. I read from chapters 1 to 7 at midnight. What a holy moment! I was sitting in my bed reading Acts 2:2 when I heard how a gust of wind suddenly arose outside our room. I was filled with joy knowing that the Lord sees exactly what we do. It encouraged me to persevere because He will do what He promised. Revival!

24-7 Participant

Spiritual awakening in Kenya

During these 10 days of prayer, one church here in Kenya reported that there was an outpouring of God’s Spirit on Sunday.  Many people were Holy Spirit baptised and spoke other tongues.

There has been a general awakening spiritually, and people’s dream life activated. Many people are able to hear God’s voice more clearly than before.

Ps Wycliff, Kenya

My prayer-life revived!

  1. My prayer life has been revived. I bless the Lord. I have been able to pray for the unsaved in my family, community and unreached people groups.
  2. I got reconciled with my Niece with whom I hadn’t talked for 4 years. I sent her a Birthday song and prayer, which she appreciated.
  3. Four months back I started coughing as a result of being choked by saliva or air. I would hold my breath and see a swollen neck like that of an angry python. Last week I decided I was going to meet a specialist ENT after the 10 days. I praise God that since yesterday (end of the 10 days), when I hold my breath my neck is very normal, no more swelling seen.
  4. Estell led prayers early last week and we prayed asking the Spirit of God to give us joy and peace. I asked Him but some things were bothering me. I prayed through Is. 40:31, that I would soar on wings like an eagle above all the challenges and troubles of this world. I bless the Lord I now have peace and am joyful. Amen.

Enid, Uganda

Churches connect through 24-7 prayer

We were 8 different Churches/ Ministries in the Network that took part in the 10 days. We were 30  intercessors who each took one hour every day to pray. The Moravian church had their own 24-7 for the 10 days.

On 28 May the Women from the Network had a  prayer breakfast with 57 women. I taught on the Tabernacle prayer and the leaders prayed for different issues in our community. We really experienced the Power and Presence of God in our prayer times.

Ethel, Eerste River Prayer Network, South Africa

Growing closer to Jesus

In the Jabez Congregation we were knitted closer together during the 10 days of prayer. But most of all God allowed us to grow deeper into Christ. It was such a privilege to pray together.

Mariëtte, Humansdorp, South Africa

Four young people baptised!

It was an awesome 10 Days of prayer. Highlight was today’s baptising of 4 young people from our youth group. They form part of our prayer wall too and developed into real prayer Warriors! The Lord gave us today’s date the (5/6) for this special event; Pentecost and the last day of the prayer week. For a year we tried to find a date and place, and somebody to do the baptism! All came together today, all our prayers were heard. All the glory to our holy Lord!

Susanna, Clanwilliam, South Africa

My Prayer Room experience

When I entered the prayer hall I was alone. My natural instinct was to pray aloud, but softly. At some point during the hour, others entered the hall and prayed audibly. I could hear the heartfelt prayers rising to the Lord. The verse which came to me was, “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.”

When I entered the last cubicle, the tent of rest, what came to me very strongly as I sat with the Lord was, “Weeping lasts for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” It also came to me that the night may last 12 hours, but it may also last much longer. However, the Christian has the firm assurance that joy awaits!

Intercessor, Tygerberg 24-7, Cape Town

More testimonies of what God is doing

"God came through for me."

by Nellie Jones (Delft - Western Cape)

Divine healing

I have learned that if you are about your Father’s business, your Father will take care of your business. My 82-year old mother came to visit before the week of prayer. She complained about sharp body pains with insomnia. Then this morning I asked her about the body aches. She looked puzzled and said, “I don’t know where the stupid pains went! And I’ve been sleeping like a baby!” We praise the living God for divine healing.

Sindiso Sibanda, Botswana

"Miracle in the womb."

by Brenda (Eerste River - Western Cape)

Prayer awakening among women

The Eersterivier Prayer Network, consisting of prayer warriors from 10 churches/ organisations, prayed in the 4th prayer week on a 24/7 Whatsapp group. We have experienced a growth of churches joining the prayer watch after the 3rd prayer week.

We are experiencing an awakening in the prayer movement among women in Eersterivier.

Ethel, Eerste River, South Africa

"Take your own medication."

by Brenda (Eerste River - Western Cape)

Greater unity

After the JW Conference, pray-ers are more united and focused. There was greater openness and uninterrupted flow of prayer in the group, and greater focus on who God is, worshipping Him in Scriptures. Several testimonies of personal breakthrough were shared, as well as being able to wake up and pray without losing focus! We are expectant and excited to pray again the next round

Janette, Otjiwarongo, Namibia

"Keep praying the Word."

by Claudy du Pisane (Jeffrey's Bay)

Nurse healed of COVID-19

This testimony came from the members of an Eastern Cape 24-7 prayer group who had a nurse that was very sick. She was on oxygen in hospital and she asked for the group members to pray for her, and our Lord touched her.  She got healed. We give glory to Jesus!

Daphne Mlota Cala – July 2020

"A prayer force established."

by Wena Botha (Clanwilliam)

Worth more than sparrows

One evening we were in Abbottsdale (Western Cape) at 10pm when we needed to pray. We then asked my husband’s cousin and his wife if we could pray there and invited them to pray with us. Since then they also pray every evening at 10pm and God has done amazing things in their lives.

The cousin drives schoolchildren and since the lockdown he had no income to support his family. Since the lockdown they never once went without food, petrol, electricity or any other need. In fact, they said that God has really shown his favour on them as they have more now than before lockdown and out of their little, they can also support their neighbours who are struggling.”

Fiona Koopman – June 2020

His mercy for prodigals

In March 2018, our prayer network hosted a week of 24-7 prayer.

A mother who had not seen her drug-addicted son in over a year, had been praying for him.  While she was filling her prayer slot in the prayer room, he walked in, confessed his sins and made a commitment to the Lord!

In the 4 years that followed, the process of transformation was a challenging one. His mother, however, continued to persevere in prayer, reminding God of His promise to save our children (Isaiah 49:25).

Now her son is off the streets, reunited with his family, planted in a church, drug free and was baptised in November 2022.

We Praise the Father for His answer to prayer, and His love and mercy for the prodigals!

Colleen De Allende, Maranatha Prayer Network (Mitchells Plain)

God’s faithfulness

After initial disappointment that so few people wanted to participate in the 24/7 prayer week, I praise God for those who did participate. One congregation that participated, combined prayer with a time of fasting and praise. The pastor there lost his voice from all the singing and prayer!

In our congregation there was a young man whom doctors told he would lose his leg after an accident, but we prayed and his leg was not amputated. He could, however, still not use his fingers to play his guitar. After the first answered prayer and seeing God’s faithfulness he asked God to enable him to play the guitar again. This week God answered – he is now playing his guitar!

Sonja (Polokwane)

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