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Fuad is an Arab man from the Middle East. His son got sick and he pleaded with God to heal him, but there was no response and his son’s condition only deteriorated. Fuad prayed to every deity he could think of. Then he decided to borrow some money so that he could take his son to the doctor, but on the way he had a strange feeling that he should talk to Jesus and ask him for help.

Fuad prayed, “If this is you, Jesus, then show me your miracles.” He continued to walk and found some money on the street. It was the money he needed, so he returned home immediately, where he found his son healed and well. Fuad decided to take his son to the doctor anyway, but the doctor found nothing wrong.

This answered prayer amazed Fuad and made him wonder, “Who is this Christ”? Jesus is mentioned in the Qur’an, but is only considered a prophet by Muslims, inferior in status to the prophet Muhammad. Fuad didn’t know much about Isa al-Masih (Jesus the Messiah), so he went online. His search took him to the Arab World Media website.

Fuad filled in a web form and a responder replied. He shared his amazing story with the responder and had many personal questions that he wanted her, as a Christian, to answer. The responder did this and explained to him who Jesus is and what he did on the cross. Soon after, Fuad made a decision to follow him.

This is what he wrote as his declaration of faith:
Oh Jesus. Who else should I cry to? I was wrong, confused and in despair. I needed you and there you were beside me. I was wrong, so forgive me, my Lord. Accept me in your kingdom. Deliver me from the evil one. Thank you for your love, my Lord Jesus.

Source: Arab World Media

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