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In pursuit of truth

I’d been meeting with Maryam and a few other Muslim women for more than a year to read the Bible together and talk about faith.

During one meeting, we had studied the deity of Christ. Maryam was quiet as the others discussed the meaning and application of the Bible verses.

Finally, she said, “But how can Jesus also be God?”

I pointed to the evidence in the verses we were discussing, but I could see Maryam’s inner struggle still reflected on her face. After several minutes of discussion, I suggested, “Maybe you should ask God to show you the truth of who Jesus is.”

“I will.”


Finding answers

The next time our group gathered, Maryam eagerly shared her experience. “I couldn’t sleep after our last time together, so I asked God for the truth, just like you said I could. And He showed me! I had a dream that was so clear. Jesus and God were sitting on the same level—side by side and equal. Jesus is God.”

A few weeks later, one of our regulars had said she wanted to be baptised. While the others rejoiced together, Maryam was cryptically quiet.

Alone with her later, I asked, “What are your thoughts about being baptised?”

She paused to consider her response. “I’m afraid if I get baptised it will look like I’m doing it just because others are.”

I nodded, understanding her concern. But I felt there was more she hadn’t shared yet. “What do you believe about Jesus?”

“He is Lord, and He died for my sins,” she said.

But a frown settled over her face as she continued. “I’m afraid that if I follow Him, I will be rejected by my people.”

Yet, since her childhood, Maryam has longed for a relationship with God. And now she understood that she must follow Jesus to truly know Him.


Jesus is worthy of trust

So, we all paused when Maryam said, “Do you remember when I asked you if you knew for sure that you were going to heaven?”

One of the other women said, “Yes.” And several of them motioned for Maryam to continue.

A bright smile broke across her face. “Now I am certain, too.”

We cheered and hugged her, then each other, celebrating our friend’s faith and assurance in Christ.

Though constantly growing in her faith, Maryam still grapples with questions about who she is in Christ. One thing she knows for sure. Jesus is worthy of her trust, so she keeps turning to Him as she works out her faith day-by-day.

(The original story was shortened.)
Source: Frontiers


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