Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

A Frontiers worker shared the story of Miriam, a believer from a Muslim background discipled by Frontiers workers.

Miriam’s uncle Samir was not a Christian and when she heard he was dying she went to visit him. She was hoping to have an opportunity to share the Good News with him, but there just wasn’t an opportunity because the relatives were gathered in his room around his bed and there just wasn’t that chance to do it. So, she felt like she needed to go back home. She went in to say her goodbye to Uncle Samir and said, ‘I’ll be back. I’ll come back and visit you.’

After she walked out, a cousin ran after her and told her Uncle Samir just died. Miriam immediately went back. There was grieving, there was mourning, there was wailing, and then she feels prompted in her heart to pray for him. She’s thinking, ‘This is crazy.’ Her palms are sweaty [and] she’s wondering, ‘What in the world can a prayer do?’ But she had been discipled by Frontiers workers to follow God’s prompts.

“So she just prayed in the name of Jesus for her uncle Samir. Colour returned to his face and he started breathing. Not only that — he was healed from the sickness he had!”

Miriam didn’t know what to do. She was so astounded, as was the rest of the family. Miriam went back to her village and talked with her Frontiers mentor, Hakeem, who was also a believer from a Muslim background.

Hakeem and Miriam went back to the village and they went to Uncle Samir’s house. People were still there asking, ‘What in the world happened?’ They were grilling Uncle Samir with questions: ‘Did you really die? What did you see?’

“Hakeem stands up in the middle of all these relatives and he says, ‘It is by the power of Jesus Christ that this man was healed.’ He had their attention. Then he just shared the Gospel with them and ten of the family members put their faith in Jesus.”

Source: Frontiers

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