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Anushka*, a young Indian girl, grew up in a Hindu home, but was passed from family to family with little stability. Sadly her birth parents died when she was very young.

When she was only fourteen, she returned to the village of her birth. Unfortunately, she had no choice but to live with her uncle who was a gangster. He spent time in the company of women who had bad reputations. Not only that, but he was also a witch doctor!

Sometime later the uncle separated from his third wife. To Anushka’s horror, her uncle tried to make her one of his wives! Fortunately, she had the opportunity to escape.

By God’s grace she was able to get away, but how would she survive? She remembered that there was a computer course running nearby. She recalled that the woman in charge was a kind lady who often spoke of God’s love.

Anushka went to the lady’s house in desperation. She welcomed her and took her in for a few days, but they soon realised the girl would still be too near to her uncle. The woman contacted a YWAMer who thankfully agreed to help. They would arrange for her to live in a location farther away.

In the few days that she was with this lady, Anushka learned a lot about Jesus and his love for her. She understood her need for a Saviour who would forgive her of all her sin.

Soon Anushka arrived in the new location where she was discipled and trained. She grew passionate about the Lord and for the lost to be saved.  Every day she went with a few other girls to share about Jesus with others.

One day they visited their next-door neighbour and discovered this woman was very ill. Together they asked the Lord to heal her. The woman miraculously recovered! After she was healed, the lady asked them if they would also pray for her paralysed husband. They were shocked! Would they have enough faith to pray for him?

In simple faith, they prayed for the paralysed man. They also spent time with him, sharing a story from the Bible. The man was not healed instantaneously. It had an impact though. He and his wife said that they believed.

After two days Anushka went back to her neighbours’ house. She rang the doorbell. To her astonishment, the paralysed man was the one who opened it!. “What happened?” she cried. “After the time of prayer, that we had, I began to get better and better!” said the man. “And today I actually started walking!”

The elderly couple, along with their two new young friends, rejoiced and praised God together. That day Anushka shared the gospel once again and the couple believed. They were overjoyed!

They began to study the Bible using Discovery Bible Study. Together they worshipped God. The couple was excited to learn all the new things about Jesus. Soon they shared their testimony with their relatives. God began to work in their lives. It was all because two young girls were obedient to the Lord’s command to go and make disciples of all nations!

* Name changed for security reasons

Source: YWAM

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