Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

In Isaiah 62:6-7 God is calling watchmen to pray night-and-day for peace and restoration.

Jesus says in Luke 18:7 that if we pray night and day the Father will make right what is wrong.


It only takes 24 individuals
to pray for one hour per day
to cover all the hours of the week!


“7 Days on the Wall” is a national call to every expression of the Body of Christ in South Africa to take one week to earnestly seek God for spiritual breakthrough in our nation.

Spiritual Awakening (Isaiah 62:6,7)

Salvation for the Unsaved (Acts 15:16,17)

Social Justice (Luke 18:7,8)


Extra-ordinary wave of 24/7 prayer continues!

We are currently witnessing an extra-ordinary wave of 24/7 prayer for revival across the country. Since the beginning of 2013, more than 4,000 local churches, schools and different groups have each taken at least one week to pray for spiritual awakening, social justice and the unsaved in their churches and communities.

Intensified Prayer for Revival among the Nations

During the World Prayer Assembly in Indonesia, 2012, about 9,000 delegates from more than 60 nations gathered to pray for the nations of the world. A group of leaders, representing various prayer networks around the world, felt led by the Holy Spirit to make a call for the year 2013 to be a year of intensified 24/7 prayer for revival in every nation. Upon their return, the delegation from SA shared this vision with a number of Christian leaders in Pretoria and Cape Town. At this time, Jericho Walls Prayer Network was asked to take the initiative in mobilising the Body of Christ in South Africa for this mission called “7 Days on the Wall”.


Three-fold strategy

  1. Prayer Venue:
  • Choose any space that can be set aside for a week of prayer.
  • Be creative! Decorate the walls with banners, prayer info, scriptures, etc.
  • Make sure every person has access to prayer guidelines.
  1. Prayer Wall:
  • A “prayer wall” is simply a schedule of all the 168 hours of the week. (Sunday to Sunday)
  • Give people chance to choose different hours to pray. Start early and use three Sundays before the planned week of prayer, and let people sign up during the sermon.
  • Ask different small groups, like cell groups, to take their own hour.
  1. Prayer Walk:
  • With “prayer walking” we are simply taking our prayer to the community.
  • Encourage small groups to adopt their immediate neighbourhood and walk the streets in prayer.
  • While walking, we become aware of the needs of our neighbours and ask God to bless them.


NOW! 7 Weeks on the Wall

26 August – 14 October 2018

Choose any ‘one’ of the “seven weeks”, Sunday, 26 August – Sunday, 14 October. Invite your whole group, whether it’s a local church, a school, business, prison, etc.

Register NOW!
Register your 7Days online and receive more prayer information and practical guidelines. You can also register by contacting the Jericho Walls Office at or 021 919 7988.


Simple Prayer for Personal Revival

  • Spend some time in worship. (Individuals can use a CD or simply call on the Lord).
  • Read a portion from the book of Psalms out loud, e.g. Psalm 140- 150.
  • Read the book of Acts verse by verse and pray verse by verse for the work of the Holy Spirit in your own life and community.


“May we see the greater works of the Holy Spirit in our day, as we earnestly seek God for an awakening that would not only touch this nation, but also impact the rest of the world!”

An Initiative of Jericho Walls International Prayer Network


Revival Resources

Prayer Guide (English)       Gebedsgids (Afrikaans)
Interactive Prayer Room Manual (book)
South African Revivals 1786 – 2015 (book)
Read articles about revival 
The Hebrides Revival (video)

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