Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

A Frontiers worker tells this story:

“It happened about four years ago, just before my family and I moved overseas to live among an unengaged Muslim people group. Ellen, a young grandmother with a heart to serve, told us she would pray for our ministry on the field. She loved visiting missionaries on the field and was already planning to use her vacation time to go and bless long-term field workers like us.

We didn’t think we’d see Ellen again. But two months after we landed in our new country, Ellen came and visited. That trip sealed her heart for the Muslim people of our country.  Little did Ellen know that she would venture back to our city three more times. On each visit, she brought more people to come and pray in our Muslim neighbourhood.

Ellen often prayed for God to lead us to persons of peace—men and women who open doors for us to share the message of the Gospel. On her last visit, God answered this prayer. We had just shown Ellen and her team the new location at our business, a therapy centre for those with disabilities. Ellen and another team member took a moment to walk along the street, praying.

As they were coming back, it happened—a divine appointment and the answer to her prayer. A man named Zaydan was returning to his home, a building next to our business. Ellen greeted him. After a few moments of conversation, he invited her and the rest of us into his home.

Zaydan introduced us to his family and served us tea. Then he told us about his long career as head of the police over the entire region. He was well-known and highly respected throughout the state. We chatted about culture, religion, and faith. When he asked about our business, I described our goal to bless the most vulnerable people in the community.

At that moment, Zaydan pulled out his phone and started calling other influential people—doctors, nurses, and social workers. He instructed them to come to our business within the next week. “Help them with whatever they need,” he told each of them.

In the days that followed, strangers started showing up at the business. “We’ll help you with anything you need,” many of them told us.

One of Zaydan’s friends even organized an inauguration for us. He invited a hundred medical professionals and people of influence who can help promote the services provided through our business.

We rejoice in the divine appointment with Zaydan—which God orchestrated through Ellen’s obedient, faithful, and persistent prayers. It’s helping the success of our business. And It has opened so many opportunities to share the Gospel.”

Source: Frontiers

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