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Some people attach a stigma to the term “revival” while others find it fascinating. The word has a positive meaning for me, because it is about God who is busy working in a sovereign way.  There are many differences of opinion about what revival is and how to bring it about. I am, however, convinced that every believer can experience personal revival daily and in fact, should experience it.

The following are ten prayers that you can pray for yourself (and your church) daily to achieve personal revival and experience ongoing revival in your life:

  • Lord, change me/us (Ps. 85:6) – Prayer for revival and change.
  • Lord, I/we humble and submit myself/ourselves (Isa. 57:15) – It is clear from the Bible that we must humble ourselves and show remorse (James 4:7a; 2 Chron. 7:14a).
  • Lord, cleanse me/us (1 John 1:9) – Prayer for a deeper cleansing of sin. It is accompanied by a deeper confession of sin.
  • Lord, heal me/us (James 5:13-16) – Prayer for physical, but especially also for spiritual healing of matters from the past.
  • Lord, make me/us holy (1 Pet. 1:16) – Prayer for living a holy life.
  • Lord, lead me/us (John 4:34) – Prayer to be led by God daily.
  • Lord, fill me/us (Eph. 5:18) – Prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit daily.
  • Lord, anoint me/us (Luke 4:18-19) – Prayer to be equipped to serve the Lord and minister to the people.
  • Lord, use me/us (1 Cor. 12:12-30) – Prayer for willingness to become involved in the congregation.
  • Lord, send me/us (Matt. 28:18-20) – Prayer for involvement in expanding the Kingdom of God.

If we want to experience personal revival, it is necessary to live from the fullness of what Jesus did for us on the cross.  So many believers think there are still things we need to “earn” or “achieve”. No. What Jesus came to do was complete. We must ask the Father to enlighten our mind’s eyes through the Spirit, so that we may have a deeper and wider understanding of the timeless truths of the gospel.

Pray daily for a deeper relationship with Christ. Pray for a deeper understanding of the complete salvation and deliverance that Jesus made possible for us. Pray for a deeper understanding of the indwelling and working of the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Christ – in our inner being. Learn daily to live in greater dependence on God the Father. Revival is to live from the fullness of what God the Father gave us in Christ Jesus.


Spiritual checklist

The questionnaire that follows may be used to help individuals evaluate their own lives before the Lord. The questions are truly penetrating and will be of value only if they are answered in complete honesty. Complete the questionnaire honestly and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

 In the World

  • Do I tell the truth under all circumstances?
  • Do I pay my debts?
  • Do I curse (even if in my thoughts only)?
  • Do I try to evade paying income tax?
  • Do I make indecent jokes/tell indecent stories?
  • Am I honest in all circumstances?
  • Is my relationship with the opposite sex pure in word, deed and thought?

 In my house

  • Do I live my life at home in an exemplary manner?
  • Do those who know me best believe in me most?
  • Do I honour and respect those who serve me daily?
  • Do I criticise the church or other people in front of my children?
  • Do I treat my husband/wife with courtesy?
  • Do I have family prayers with my family?
  • Do I regard my possessions/house as mine or as God’s?

 At work

  • Am I known to be a believer?
  • Do others see Jesus Christ in me?
  • Am I the cause of people ridiculing the church?
  • Do I shy away from expressing my faith in the Lord at work?

 Quiet time

  • What role does quiet time play in my life?
  • Do I make time for prayer and intercession every day?
  • Do I read the Word of God every day?
  • Has there been clear growth in my relationship with God over the past year?
  • Is my quiet time an encounter with God?
  • Is quiet time a priority in my programme for the day?
  • How much of my quiet time deals with myself and how much of it is devoted to praising the Lord and to intercession for others?

 Church attendance

  • Do I like going to church?
  • Do I prepare my heart and mind for the sermon?
  • Do I go to criticise?
  • Do I go to listen to what the minister says or do I go to listen to God?
  • Do I pray for my minister so that the Lord will give him/her a message to preach and for him/her to fearlessly make the ministry of the Gospel known?

 With fellow believers

  • Do I try to dominate; do I shirk my duty or do I do my share?
  • Can I work together with others and can they work with me?
  • Do I truly love those who work with me?
  • Do others know me as someone who is interested and concerned, rather than someone who only wants to receive and be served?
  • Is it my true desire that God’s work will be promoted, or do I pursue my own interests and honour?
  • Can I tolerate it when others receive honour and that I am sometimes not thanked for something I did with great sacrifice?
  • Do I seek my own interest or that of others?

 Have I abandoned all my rights?

  • My right to defend myself
  • My right to be understood
  • My right to possess things
  • My right to be treated with respect/to be respected
  • My right to get recognition for what I have done
  • My right to feel offended/hurt
  • My right to be/become angry
  • My right to choose and exercise my own choice
  • My right to pleasure/enjoyments/nice things/good things
  • My right to my own finances
  • My right to my own ambitions
  • My right to comfort
  • My right to plan my own future
  • My right to privacy.

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