14 Things to pray for men

The Biblical model for the family is under pressure today to compromise – to follow the worldly trends and standards of an increasingly liberal society. Men have such an important God-given place and role in society, in the church and especially in families.  Following are some guidelines to aid us in standing in the gap for men. Let us pray for their protection from evil and for them to receive strength and ability to take up their God-given role and mandate.


New friends
Pray for every man who has given his life over to God, to find friends and join a prayer group for men who will encourage him, mentor him and teach him so that he can grow as a disciple of the Lord Jesus.

Renewed love
Pray for every husband to love his wife as he loves himself. Also to take care of her, cherish and love her as Christ loved the Church. Pray for husbands to give themselves to their wives and children as Jesus does for the Church.

Family altar
Ask that men will restore the family altar, sanctify and cleanse their wives with the washing of water by the Word, and encourage them to follow God’s calling on their lives.

Time and money
Also pray that men will reconsider the way they spend their time and money. Pray that, especially married men, will be honest with their wives regarding their finances and for families to learn how to budget for monthly expenses. (Eph.5:26-30).

Take hard decisions
Pray that God will help every married man to separate himself from the wider family, and be joined to his wife and children the way God intended for families (Eph.5:31). Also pray for the parents of married couples to guide them to seek the Lord’s face regarding their personal finances as a family.

No more bitterness
Pray that husbands will love their wives as they love themselves and not become bitter towards them about anything; that they will be able to forgive the wrongs of their wives and right their own wrongs with a humble heart. (Eph.5:33).

To be a father
Pray that fathers will not provoke their children, making life bitter for them, being negative and criticising their children all the time, but that they will rather discipline them in a godly way, and encourage them in things concerning their identity, gifts and talents (Col.3:20-21).

Role of priest
Pray that husbands will live up to their priestly role and set an example to their children in the way they treat their wives as the weaker vessels, so their prayers may not be hindered (1 Pet.3:7-8).

Have the mind of Christ
Pray for men to have the mind of Christ, to have compassion for one another, to love as brothers, to be tender-hearted and courteous, not repaying evil with evil or insult with insult – but on the contrary, with blessing, knowing that they were called to this (1 Pet.3:8-9).

Restrain their tongue
Ask that men will love life God’s way and restrain their tongues so that they do not speak evil or deceit, and that they refrain from taking bribes to obtain business deals or become involved in any unrighteous business dealings. (1 Pet.3:10-11).

To wait for God
Pray for unmarried men to set their hearts towards the Lord in expectation, while waiting for the right life partner. Pray for them to keep themselves pure and undefiled before the Lord until they get married one day. Especially pray for men who have lost their wives or got divorced to set their hearts towards the Lord in this matter. Pray for their protection from being deceived or tempted into ungodly relationships.

The next generation of young men need much prayer! Pray for boys coming of age to have male mentors helping them to connect and walk with God in purity, even joining in groups of young men keeping themselves pure for marriage.

Pray for men to be established in their identity in God – to know and understand His love and call on their lives. Pray for them to grow strong in the Lord and become courageous in following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Especially pray for those taking up leadership positions in society, to set an example that will correct immoral behaviour among their friends, and will set straight ungodliness in society and business dealings.

Give thanks
Thank the Lord for touching the hearts and lives of so many men – healing them, strengthening them and propelling them forward into God’s purpose and individual call upon their lives. Give thanks to Him for answering the prayers of many parents, wives and children for the men in their lives.

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