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How God uses vocation in ministry

Not all cross-cultural workers are full-time church planters. Many make the intentional choice to serve God overseas through their vocations. These workers trust the Lord to bring the right opportunities in the right places with the right connections, all so that His name will be known and glorified among the least-reached. Alicia* is an example of this. Here, she shares how God opened the door for her to use her professional skills on the field and how her work blesses a Christar project in the Middle East.

While in high school, I sensed the Lord’s leading to serve Him cross-culturally. After serving in Europe for two years, I thought I was sure of where and when I would minister long term. And I knew that seminary was the next step. Since I needed to work while attending, I found an on-campus position. It involved administrative work, which I found I enjoyed; and I saw I was good at it.

After seminary, I had the rug pulled out from under my feet; I was uncertain of what God was doing and if I would ever go overseas long term. I questioned my identity: “Lord, if I’m not a cross-cultural worker, what else can I do?” In that season, God’s Word came to life in some of the most beautiful ways that I still treasure to this day.

Around that time, I began some freelance writing in pursuit of another passion that God had instilled in me. I connected with one of Christar’s projects serving people in the Arab world.

Their team needed a native English speaker with administrative skills and I had been doing work in a similar capacity for a few years. I now work in the Middle East and am putting my professional skills to use in various ways. Outside of my day-to-day “office work,” I enjoy building relationships with people in my community and discipling local believers.

When these puzzle pieces are put together, they form a far different and better picture than I could have imagined. And some of the most difficult seasons in my life were the ones that laid the framework. Those jagged pieces were shaped by painful loss, closed doors and years of waiting for God’s next step for me. Though it has taken a long time for me to see how they would fit together, God has given me a deeper sense of dependency on Him through it all. I continue to be amazed at His sovereignty.

Name changed for security reasons
(Original article was shortened.)

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