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You are never too old to hear the gospel and come to faith in Jesus Christ. That was perfectly demonstrated in West Africa earlier this year, when an 83-year-old Fulani man came to Christ.

The man had converted to Islam when he was 17 and had lived since then as a follower of that faith. His first contact with the gospel of Jesus came in January, 2018 when a Serving In Mission worker and a local Fulani believer turned up in his town.

The old man is a very influential figure. He is head of his compound, which consists of four mud huts, a surrounding mud wall and a grass shelter in the middle. He lives there with his two sons, their many wives and seemingly countless children.

Our mission worker said: “He was very open to hearing about Jesus and extremely interested to learn about the gospel hope he offers. As we left, we gave him one of our little red radios, which is pre-loaded with the New Testament in the Fulfulde language, some Fulani dramas and some worship songs. We did not know what impact they might have but we prayed for the man and for his family.”

They hardly dared hope for what actually happened. The man has now put his faith in Jesus and is telling everyone about it. Our worker said: “Usually, when a Fulani person comes to faith they keep it very quiet and do not want to share it.

“But this man has been completely the opposite. He has told everyone, including his friends and his extended family! We heard about this third or fourth-hand from other Fulani friends, so the fact that the news has spread so far shows he must have told everyone in the town,” Every night, the man gathers his family around the radio and together they listen to the Scriptures in their own heart language. Their compound has no electricity, so they sit in the pitch black of night and pay close attention to the words.

Several of the children now know the words to the Christian songs and love to sing along with them. The man is eager to learn more and share more. He has told his friends: “Now I know why God has allowed me to live to be this old. It’s so I might know the truth, and also share it with my family.”

Praise God for his awesome and inspiring work in this man’s life!

Source and image: SIM (Serving in Mission)

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