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The fascination with vampires is not new. It is part of folklore in many cultures. Do vampires really exist or are they fantasy creatures? No physical or biological evidence for such creatures, exist, although people who prey on other people to drink their blood certainly do exist! The drinking of blood, especially human blood, has been an occult practice since the beginning of time.


What does the Word say?

In the Bible we read that God explicitly forbids the drinking of blood (Genesis 9:4, Leviticus 17:14, Ezekiel 33:25 and Acts 15:20), indicating that such practice existed even in the time of Noah. According to God, the life or soul of a being (human or animal) is in its blood. This is precisely the reason why occultists drink blood – to receive spiritual power.


Drinking of blood is forbidden

The reason why the drinking of animal (or human) blood is forbidden by God is because in that act people join themselves to demonic spirits, opening themselves up to possession by these spirits. Instead of receiving life, they receive death in its various forms (spiritually, emotionally, socially and eventually physically). This association and preoccupation with death is seen in the acts of these so-called “vampires”, to sleep in coffins and to become pre-occupied with thoughts about death, suicide, murder, etc. In a similar way to the union between Christians and Christ, the drinking of blood is the highest or most dangerous involvement in the occult.


The power of the blood of Jesus


We need to gain a spiritual understanding of the power of the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus forgives sin and purifies us (Ephesians 1:7, 1 John 1:7), reconciles us with God (Ephesians 2:13-16), and helps us overcome Satan. (Revelation 12:11). The blood of Jesus is the new covenant between man and God (Hebrews 13:20, 21). Children and young believers are to be taught the meaning of the blood of Christ and the atonement between us and the Father. Through the blood of Jesus we were bought from sin and the everlasting judgment of God. In stories about vampires, the meaning of ‘blood’ is changed and the blood of Jesus is replaced with the blood of people.

Jesus offended the Jews of His time with His statement that we are to drink His blood. (John 6:53). During the last supper with His disciples He demonstrated what He meant for us to drink His blood, by saying: “This cup (of wine) is the new covenant in My blood…” (1 Corinthians 11:25). When we partake of the wine in Communion, it is symbolic of the blood of Jesus, and as such we partake of His life (soul) when we do so. The “drinking” of the blood of Jesus is the deepest, most mysterious union between Christians and their God.


Seeds of occultism

Vampire movies desensitise the minds and deeply damage the conscience of those watching them – similar to brain-washing. Seeds of occultism are planted and forbidden spiritual desires that only lead to death are stirred. These movies also portray participation in occult rituals as “cool” and “exciting”, influencing the viewers to prefer “vampires” to normal people. It is presented as interesting and harmless, but becomes a spiritual snare. It is extremely dangerous to watch, or allow children to watch, this type of occult indoctrination.


I have watched these movies, what now?

If you have watched any vampire or occult movies, come to the throne of grace and ask God to deliver you from any desire to know more about the occult, vampires, or demons. Ask Him to cleanse your mind: your thoughts, memories and emotions, of any occult imprint that you may have received. Jesus promises that His Word will cleanse and wash us (Ephesians 5:26), so immerse yourself in the Word of God, reading and meditating on portions of the Psalms and the New Testament.


I partook in rituals

If you have participated in any rituals, drunk of animal or human blood (even if it was done as part of a “game” or as a “dare”), cry out to Jesus for forgiveness and deliverance. In most instances you will need someone to help you through deliverance, so please contact your pastor or a mature, trusted Christian for help. In some instances it might be necessary to pray with an experienced Christian about these matters.


How can I speak to my friends about this?

If you have friends of family who have become obsessed with these movies or are participating in what they view as “harmless” activities, pray for their protection and deliverance, and for the Holy Spirit to convict them. Pray especially for the protection of their minds and emotions. Pray for the blood of Jesus to work on their behalf against the works of Satan (Hebrews 12:24). Pray for their forgiveness and for their hearts to be turned to God, and for them to desire God. Pray that they become disgusted and disillusioned with the “excitement” promised by the kingdom of darkness. Love them and let them see the compassion and friendship of God demonstrated in your life. It is not enough to pray only once for them, continue to petition God for their salvation and deliverance.

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