Special Prayer Initiative
Unlocking Prayer video series
Launching February 2022


Cultivating a strong prayer life remains one of the biggest spiritual challenges most Believers face on a daily basis. Among others, one of the less preached messages in the Church in general, is on prayer and how to be established in the Lord in a personal relationship. Why is this? On the one hand, it is often taken for granted that everyone knows how to pray. On the other hand, it is seldom preached because the preacher himself might be struggling with prayer or have a weak prayer life.


So many questions

What does it mean to have a strong prayer life? Does it mean God answers all your requests? Does it mean you have to fast 40 days at a time? Or to read through your Bible once a year? What does a strong prayer life consist of? Is it possible that there are some people who are more gifted at prayer than others, and I am not one of them?  These are some of the questions many ask.


We look at answers

In February 2022 we will embark on a journey we call ‘Unlocking Prayer’. This will be done in the form of a video series. Throughout the year we will touch on some of the above questions, e.g. obstacles hindering us in prayer, how to deal with disappointments, unforgiveness, or what to do when you have gone through a season of trauma and now struggle to connect to God. Also on a broader scale we will touch on subjects like: how to pray for your city or town, how to hear and discern God’s plan for various aspects of life, families, young people, the workplace, the church, your nation, government and the nations.

Watch this one minute trailer of the series and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be sure you do not miss out on new material as we discuss these important aspects of prayer.

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