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Various circumstances can bring a person to search for the truth of who God is, but there is just One who can satisfy the longing of a thirsty heart. Arab World Media (AWM) reports of three Muslims who found Christ during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.


When a Middle Eastern man, Habib*, first wrote to AWM he wouldn’t tell his name. He had already started trying to read the Bible, and with it some supplemental books, but he had many questions. Eventually, he began to share his story. He said that he tried to be a good Muslim: he prayed, he read the Qur’an, he fasted during Ramadan…but his religious practices left him feeling spiritually cold.

His Christian friends seemed to be trustworthy, respectful of others, kind and loving. He also noticed that they never needed to confirm a statement with an oath, unlike his non-Christian friends. At one point he visited a Christian hospital. He couldn’t get over the kindness and caring shown by the doctors and nurses to the patients.

Habib began to discuss the matters that confused him with the AWM responder, along with his questions concerning scripture passages he was reading. He was thankful to finally be on the path to knowing God.

Ultimately, Habib put his faith in Jesus Christ. He was eager to learn more about prayer, and he longed to become part of a church where he could form close relationships and serve with other believers. The responder recommended that Habib join one of the AWM Zoom Bible groups.


Hakim* was working in a construction company in East Africa. Although he was raised in a Muslim family, he had always struggled with the teachings of Islam. He was particularly sceptical about what he had been taught about the purpose of fasting during the month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca.

When Covid 19 started to impact his country in 2020, the construction company where Hakim worked halted all projects, so he had to stay home and isolate. He began to explore other religions online, particularly Christianity. He was stunned to discover that the teachings of Christianity were very different from what he had been led to believe by the Islamic teachers he had known.

This motivated Hakim to dig deeper, and eventually he found himself convinced of the truth of the gospel. He still had many questions about Christian doctrine, however, so he began to search for a Christian community where he might find the answers he was seeking. He found the AWM Arabic website and initiated contact with one of their responders. Ever since that time, he has been in regular communication with the Arabic response team.


A young man living in the Arabian Peninsula began to have questions about Islam. Unfortunately, some government officials were told about him. He was arrested and charged with questioning Islam, then accused of treason and imprisoned, where he endured harsh treatment and torture. During his time in prison, he heard about Christianity; he began to long to know more about the Christian God. After six months, he was able to escape to a safer Middle Eastern country, still carrying both physical and psychological scars and injuries from his time in prison.

In this new country, he discovered the AWM online ministry and contacted one of their responders, sharing the pain of his story and asking for help to learn about Christianity and the Bible. Nada* sent him a digital Bible and he began to read the New Testament.

As he spent more time in discussion with Nada, he came to understand more of what he was reading, and he came to trust the Lord and gave his heart and life to Him.

One day he attended church with a colleague for the very first time. As a new visitor to the church, he was given a printed Bible, the first time he’d had one! He felt free, loved, and valued.

He asked to meet one of the AWM team so that he could be discipled and study the Bible more intensively. After a few meetings, he asked to be baptised.

* Names changed for security
(The original article was shortened.)
Arab World Media

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