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Ripples of salvation

Nazan first got in touch with Pioneers through their Arabic media ministry who connected him with Solomon.

As Solomon answered Nazan’s questions about Christianity and studied the Bible with him, Nazan’s eyes were opened to the truth of the gospel. It appeared that he was prepared to abandon his Islamic faith. “I don’t believe in it anymore. Now what can I do to become a follower of Christ?” He gave his life to Christ and asked Solomon if he could get baptised.

Solomon was delighted, but he was intrigued as Nazan had one condition for his baptism. “I want to be baptised in the presence of my Muslim friend, Hamd.” If Nazan was comfortable with having Hamd present at his baptism, Solomon said he didn’t mind at all. He asked, “Do you trust him?” Nazan responded, “I don’t really know, but I felt the urgency to be baptised in his presence.”

So, Solomon baptised Nazan and afterward handed some Christian books to Hamd. He encouraged Hamd to read them despite his desire to remain a Muslim, saying to him, “It might be beneficial for you to read them, and it might open your eyes to something you’re not aware of.”

A week later, Hamd called Solomon. He had been reading the books and he had some questions. He asked Solomon, “Would I be able to meet with you face to face and discuss these questions?” Solomon and Hamd began meeting together. Bit by bit, week by week, Hamd began to understand the Christian faith. Once again Solomon was asked the question, “What can I do to become a follower of Christ?”

Hamd prayed and gave his life to the Lord. He asked to be baptised, and once again Solomon faced an intriguing request, “Can I be baptised in the presence of my Muslim friend, Bilal?”

Hamd was baptised by Solomon who then gave the same books he had given to Hamd to his friend Bilal. Bilal was happy as a Muslim and had no desire to convert to Christianity. But Solomon’s gentle encouragement led Bilal to read the books just as Hamd had. What happened to Nazan, and then Hamd, also happened with Bilal.

He called Solomon a couple of weeks later and said, “You’ve changed my mind, changed my heart with the books you gave me. I want to meet with you.” They met and once again Solomon saw Scripture changing hearts. Bilal asked Solomon what he should do to become a follower of Christ. He prayed on the spot and gave his life to the Lord.

In this small group of believers in the Middle East, we can see how the local church is growing, as believers make disciples who make disciples. Praise God for the way He worked in Nazan, Hamd and Bilal’s lives and for the boldness of Solomon, also a local Christian, to share his faith with those from the majority Muslim faith.

Names changed for security.
(This article was shortened.)


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