Special Prayer Initiative
Pray for the Buddhist World (21 Jan – 10 Feb)

During the 21 days from 21 January to 10 February there will be a specific prayer focus for God to become known to the one billion people across the globe who are at least nominally Buddhist.

Each day, beginning 21 January, the prayer guide will provide prayer points for the Buddhist world. The guide will be translated into many languages and distributed through over 5,000 prayer networks worldwide.

21-Day Prayer Guide

The 21 days of prayer will culminate in a global day of prayer for the Buddhist world on 10 February.


Global Day of prayer for the Buddhist world – 10 February 2024

Join thousands of believers from many churches and Christian ministries around the globe, as they come together online for a 24-hour prayer meeting covering key cities and regions of the Buddhist world.

Join at this link: https://www.110cities.com/chinese-new-year/

This will be an opportunity to pray together, exalting Jesus Christ as King throughout the Buddhist world, asking the Lord of the Harvest to send forth labourers to every unreached people group in these cities and nations!

Chinese New Year is a special time for families to gather, so let us pray for them. Join for an hour (or more) of this 24 hours, to pray for Gospel movements throughout the Buddhist world and China!

Jericho Walls International Prayer Network supports this initiative.


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