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Jesus sets free from fear

Peter*, a Jesus Film Mission Trips staff member, first met Abdul in a remote seaside village in Southeast Asia. Although the 25-year-old local had recently graduated from university with an English degree, his conversational English was lacking. The language barrier made engaging in a spiritual conversation difficult, so Peter used the Jesus Film Project app to better connect.

“I asked him if he liked scary films,” Peter said. Abdul said he loved them, so Peter pulled out his tablet and played the short film ‘Nightwatch’ for his new friend.

“He told me he really enjoyed watching it, … and that he liked to watch films that deal with fear. I asked him what people his age in his country are typically afraid of, and he told me the devil. I asked why that was, and he said because the devil is powerful and that people don’t know how to protect themselves from his power.”

Abdul, who was a part of a Middle eastern religion, said people in his country are often afraid of where they stand before Allah.

“Through only two questions, the Lord … directed the conversation to a place where I could easily share the gospel with Abdul,” Peter said. “I shared about how I used to have the same fears, but then I put my faith and trust in Jesus. I told Abdul how Jesus broke the power of sin and the devil by His death and offers us all salvation from our shame and confidence in our standing before God.”

Hearing the good news for the first time in his life, Abdul told Peter he wanted to place his faith in Jesus.

“I was privileged to be a part of his process,” Peter said. “I believe the Lord used ‘Nightwatch’ to bring our conversation naturally to a deep point … I had the opportunity to explain the gospel in a way that connected with Abdul. So, I praise God for using me and for directing the ministry to make this film.”

The Lord used a simple story told through the powerful medium of film, to connect with Abdul’s personal fears, break through the language barrier and illuminate his need for Jesus.

*Name changed for security reasons.
(Original title was changed.)
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