We can learn much about prayer by reading the prayers of godly men and women who spent much time with our Lord in the ‘Prayer Closet’ during their earthly journey. This series, Hear our Prayer, gives us a glimpse into the prayer lives of saints who have gone before us. This prayer by Andrew Murray speaks of the importance of making time to listen to God.


Andrew Murray – Listening to God

Blessed Lord! I see why my prayer has not been more believing and prevailing. I was more occupied with my speaking to you than your speaking to me.

I did not understand that the secret of faith is this: there can be only so much faith as there is of the Living Word dwelling in the soul.

And your Word had taught me so clearly: Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak; let not your heart be hasty to utter anything to God.

Lord, teach me that it is only with your Word taken up into my life that my words can be taken into your heart. That your work, if it is a living power within me, will be a living power with you; what your mouth has spoken your hand will perform.

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