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A place at the table

For thirty years, a Frontiers team has added a special reminder to their communion time, and God is using it to bring more Muslims to the table.

In 1993, families throughout the U.S. brought Disney’s version of Arabia into their homes on Aladdin VHS cassettes. That same year, my husband and I arrived in our host country and began experiencing real Arab culture first-hand.

We didn’t have treasures of gold and jewels like Aladdin found. Instead, we brought a miraculous treasure to share: the good news of Jesus’ love and grace. But few people in our community recognised the worth of the Gospel.

Each week, our Frontiers team gathered around a tray with five small glasses and a piece of flatbread to share the Lord’s Supper. We wanted our Muslim neighbours to join us in worshipping Jesus and remembering His sacrifice, but week after week we were the only ones celebrating communion.

“Let’s set an extra communion serving,” our team leader suggested one night, placing a piece of bread and a glass of juice at the edge of the table. “This can remind us to pray for those who are yet to come and join us here at the table.”

We followed this practice for nearly thirty years, praying with faith that God would bring fruit from our ministry and usher more men and women from the Arab world into His kingdom.

Recently, we shared communion with a Muslim-background believer, Khalil, and his family. We’d met Khalil before he decided to follow Jesus, and as we read and discussed the Word together, the Holy Spirit changed his heart. And before long, Khalil had shared the Good News of Jesus’ grace with his whole family.

Having them join us for communion was truly an answer to our long-time prayer. As usual, when we met, we set aside an extra serving.

Khalil’s family watched with curiosity. “Who is that for?” he asked.

“That is to remind us of those who don’t follow Jesus yet,” I explained. “We continue praying and sharing the name of Jesus with those we meet. We believe that, like you, they will join us in worshipping Jesus someday.”

Khalil smiled. “How wonderful,” he said. “We will do this whenever we have communion too.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. Not only had God answered our prayers by bringing this family to join us at the communion table, but He’d given them the desire to pray for more Muslim families to follow Jesus.

We praise God for bringing more men and women to His table and pray that the treasure of His Good News will continue to spread among Muslims throughout the world.

Source: Frontiers

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