Seek My Face

This is a practical guide on how to watch and pray for one hour, seeking God’s face. (Ps.27:8)

1. Seek His face through calling on the Name of the Lord (5 min)
Meditate prayerfully on the following Names of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: All-sufficient One, Satisfier (El-Shaddai) – Gen.17:1; Apostle en High Priest of our faith – Heb.3:1; Compassionate and Merciful God – Ps.86:15; Rewarder of all who seek Him – Heb.11:6; Worker of miracles – Ex.15:11; I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life – Joh.14:6; the One to whom all power belongs; God (Elohim) – Gen.1:1; God will provide, Provider (Yahweh-Jireh) – Gen.22:8-14; God of peace; the Lord gives rest (Yahweh-Shalom) – Judg.6:24; God Who sees (EI-Roi) – Gen.16:13-14; the Lord Who heals you (Yahweh-Ropheka) – Ex.15:26; Helper in affliction – Ps.46:2; Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever – Heb.13:8; Lamb that was slain – Rev.5:12; Almighty God, “Champion” (El Gibbor) – Isa.9:6-7; Wall of Fire – Zech.2:5; Mighty in battle – Ps.24:8; Counselor – Joh.14:16; Helper – Rom.8:26; Spirit of Wisdom – Isa.11:2; Spirit of Understanding – Isa.11:2; Spirit of Counsel and Power – Isa.11:2; Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of the Lord – Isa.11:2; Spirit of Prayer and Supplication – Zech.12:10.

2. Seek His face by praying for personal revival (5 min)
• Is there any unconfessed sin in my life?
• Do I harbour unforgiveness and bitterness in my life?
• Are there any doubtful practices or activities in my life?
• Am I obeying the Holy Spirit promptly in all things?
• Am I confessing Jesus unashamedly?

3. Seek His face for unsaved families, friends or individuals (5 min)

1. _____________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________
Pray for their salvation, that God will bless them (spiritually, socially, emotionally), and pray for their felt needs.

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