Pray for your wife

Do you sometimes think what it would be like to have a fresh start in your relationship with your wife? Just spending time together, chatting away the hours like you did at first? Or perhaps you desire to have a regular time of prayer as a couple?


As time goes on, it can become more difficult to keep regular times of fellowship and prayer as responsibilities and activities in the family increase. However, it is possible to make at least some time every week that you can spend together, especially to pray through things that are a concern to both of you. This does not mean that you cannot start to pray right now. You can already ask the Lord to make it possible for you in the near future to increase the time you spend together as a couple in fellowship, but also in prayer.


Be sensitive to spot the right moment to ask your wife whether she would also like to spend time together as a couple on a more regular basis. You can then schedule a time that suits your diaries and family activities. If it is not possible to have your special time together during a particular week because of unforeseen events, you can be at peace knowing that you have time scheduled for the following week.


What to pray for

Following are guidelines of things you can pray for your wife on a regular basis. You can add other points as the Holy Spirit leads you. You may consider keeping a printed copy of it in your Bible so you will be reminded to cover these points on a daily basis.



  • Her role as mother and her relationship with the children.
  • Her role as spouse and friend.
  • Her interpersonal relationships with family and her friends.
  • For her to do well at work and for her relationship with her colleagues.
  • Her relationship with her parents and in-laws.



  • That she feels emotionally nourished in your relationship.
  • That she will know she is appreciated and valued, and that she will feel secure. Pray against any feelings of inferiority.
  • That she will be able to resolve past hurt, rejections and disappointments, and receive healing.
  • Her fears and worries (but do not judge her in this regard).
  • For emotional stability and moods when going through difficult seasons.
  • That she will find life meaningful and that she will abound in joy.
  • For her future – for security, hope and joy.



  • For what she reads and watches, and the social events she attends.
  • That she will prioritise well and live accordingly.
  • For her person, her beauty, clothing etc.
  • Her sexuality to be pure and open towards you.
  • That she will find and fulfil her God-given purpose and dreams.



  • Her protection from attack launched by the Evil one.
  • Her physical protection, strength and health.
  • From all forms of deception, temptation, 3rd parties outside your marriage, divorce, lust and defilement.


Spiritual life

  • That she will be obedient to God above everything.
  • That she will be filled with the Holy Spirit and produce the fruit of the Spirit.
  • That the sevenfold Spirit of God will operate in her life according to Isaiah 11:2.
  • That she will experience God’s peace in her daily activities.
  • For her to have wisdom and discernment in the Spirit.
  • Her spiritual growth, an increase in her faith and to live a holy life.
  • For yourself to live in such a way that it will be easy for her to accept and follow your leading and guidance.


Always: BLESS your wife (Numbers 6:24-26, 1 Chronicles 4:9).


Daily thank and praise God for your wife!


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