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Law enforcement personnel in South Africa daily face many dangerous and stressful situations, and they have to make difficult decisions in the execution of their duties. They have a very important role in our society, yet they are taken for granted by the public and are mostly criticised and distrusted, rather than appreciated and supported. There may be problems in the police service, but it is the responsibility of believers to intercede for them. The hope for the South African Police Service is found in the Lord, so let us pray for and serve them.


What to pray for the police

  • Physical safety: Personal safety is a daily challenge in a society that is filled with violence, greed and hate. Ask that they will be alert to and able to handle dangerous situations.
  • Emotional safety: The mental, physical and emotional aspects of a police person are always on high alert. There is a combination of stress and anxiety always at work, which can impact the mind in many ways. Pray for them to be able to relax and focus on normal life situations.
  • Their families: The families of law enforcement personnel are affected by the pressures their loved ones face on a daily basis. Divorce and forms of escapism (which are counterproductive to the mind, body, spirit and soul) may result. Pray for spouses to be understanding and for children to show love and appreciation for the career their parent chose.
  • Wisdom at crime scenes: Policemen and -women must learn to make quick decisions in the situations that arise throughout the day. Pray for them to have wisdom, knowledge, a quick intellect, comprehension, and to execute their duties efficiently.
  • Insight in situations: Situations faced by the police are sometimes very complex, especially when dealing with human nature. Understanding is “an exact comprehension by the human mind regarding the state of things, situations, or words that have been spoken.” Pray for the police to have insight regarding what will best serve each person involved in the situation.
  • Compassion for those they serve: It is easy to become bitter and unforgiving when they daily encounter negative circumstances. Pray for them to have a heart like Jesus Christ’s and to be able to feel what an individual may be going through at the time and respond accordingly. Ask that their hearts never become hardened.
  • Salvation: This is the greatest need of all, as salvation is the pathway to resolve all individual problems that may arise. Above all, always cry out for hearts to be receptive to the gospel.
  • Their finances: We all face financial pressures. Our police personnel also have financial pressure. Pray for them in this area of need, asking that they not become involved in irregular practices or take bribes.
  • Their health: The job stress in law enforcement can result in physiological changes in the body, which can, in turn, affect the physical health of the body. Pray for physical, psychological and emotional health.
  • Integrity, honesty and dedication: A virtuous individual is to be highly regarded and respected. Temptation may present itself in any situation so that a person may fail at any time. Pray that they may have spiritual fortitude and strength to be honest and dedicated individuals with integrity.
  • Corrupt police to be removed: There are many corrupt policemen and -women. Pray that they will be exposed and be removed from the police force.


How can you get involved in regularly praying for the police service?

Adopt-a-Cop South Africa is a city-by-city prayer protection program for the South African Police Service. Their vision is to provide the opportunity for all police officers and chaplains in South Africa to be prayed for on a daily basis. The need is for dedicated prayer-warriors that will pray for the South African Police Service on a daily basis, and to ultimately assign individual officers to a family/individual, who will pray for their specific needs.

Join the Adopt-a-Cop family by making your own public commitment to start praying for the South African Police every day. If there is not an Adopt-a-Cop coordinator in your city, please pray about becoming a coordinator. Visit or


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