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When we read through the four Gospels, we find many promises and commandments that Jesus gave us. We tend to focus on the promises, but not always that much on the commandments.

There is a story about a man who would very often sit with his Bible late into the night. Someone asked him about this habit. His answer: “I read and re-read the Bible to make sure I know and obey all the commands of God.”

Here are 25 of Jesus’ commandments to make part of your everyday life:

  1. Obey My commandments – Jn.14:15,21,23; 2Jn.6
  2. Love God and others – Jn.15:12; Mt.22:37-40
  3. Preach the gospel to all the world – Mk.16:15; Mt.28:19
  4. Don’t delay, do it now – Jn.4:35, 9:4, 12:35
  5. Don’t work for food alone – Jn.6:27; Mt.6:24-33; Lk.12:29
  6. Don’t store things that you’re not using – Mt.6:19
  7. Give to God what belongs to God – Lk.20:25; Mt.22:21
  8. Don’t waste time on argumentative people – Mt.7:6
  9. Invite the poor to eat with you – Lk.14:12-14
  10. Give to anyone who asks – Lk.6:30; Mk.6:37
  11. If you pray, fast or give, do it secretly – Mt.6:1-11
  12. Don’t use vain repetitions when praying – Mt.6:7
  13. Don’t advertise healings – Mt.9:30, 12:16
  14. Take the lowest position in meetings – Lk.14:8-10
  15. Beware of hypocrisy and greed – Lk.12:1, 15
  16. Take up your cross and follow Me – Mk.8:34
  17. Rejoice when you are persecuted – Lk.6:23
  18. Love, bless, and pray for your enemies – Lk.6:27-29
  19. Do to others as you would have them do to you – Lk.6:31
  20. Be agreeable with your adversaries – Lk.12:58; Mt.5:25
  21. Forgive others – Mk.11:25-26, Mt.6:12; Lk.6:37
  22. Don’t be afraid of people – Lk.12:4-5
  23. Rebuke a brother if he sins – Lk.17:3; Mt.18:15-17
  24. When you judge, do it fairly – Jn.7:24
  25. You must be born again – Jn.3:3; Lk.18:17; Mk.10:15

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