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Week 3 Prayer

Click on these links to watch three videos to help you move forward in prayer:

Five-year-old Buthaina
A Prayer From Yemen
Yemen My Heart Breaks #3

The swollen face of Buthaina, swollen so bad from a Saudi air strike on the apartment where her family lived has been a rallying call to us all to open our eyes and look to see what is happening in Yemen. Her whole family perished from the attack. She was the sole survivor. Small children can spark anti-war reactions and bring change. May our prayers spark change in Yemen.


  • For this war in Yemen to end!
  • That God would use the spotlight on Buthaina to help bring unity to different peoples, tribes, and religious forces in Yemen.
  • For end of the bombing of Yemen. Pray for a peaceful conclusion to this violent war.
  • For the Lord to send a spirit of forgiveness to Yemen among the warring tribes to bring about true and lasting peace.
  • For the effects of the war that has caused widespread famine and the world’s worst cholera outbreak. Pray that those who are affected would receive treatment. Pray for the people to have a clean water supply.

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