31 October is Reformation Day

On 31 October 1517, Dr. Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses, renouncing the sale of indulgences (ways to reduce the amount of punishment for sin), against the door of the Catholic Cathedral in Wittenberg, Germany. This act effectively launched the Protestant Reformation, followed by a bold move of translating the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into German, making the Word of God accessible to nobles and peasants alike.

Until the Reformation, the Bible was only available in Latin and Bibles were sometimes chained to the pulpits, effectively prohibiting normal Christians to have access to God’s Word. Today the Bible is available in more than 1000 translations, about 10% of the world’s languages. Let us thank God for men and women who paid a very dear price so that we can read the Bible in our own mother-tongue.


  • that the Bible will soon be available in all languages.
  • that every person on earth may have access to a Bible, whether it be in printed version or on a Bible App.
  • Consider giving a Bible to someone of a different culture.


24-Hour Word Watch on 31 October

Join us for a 24-hour Word Watch on WhatsApp as we celebrate and honour the Word of God.  We do this by reading and proclaiming aloud the Scriptures of the New Testament over South Africa.


  • Create a WhatsApp Group and invite 23 other people to join you in reading and proclaiming the New Testament in 24 hours over South Africa.
  • Each person takes an hour to read and proclaim the appointed Scriptures aloud.
  • Use the 24-hour roster and try to fill all the hours of 31 October, from midnight to midnight.
  • When it is your hour to read, sign in on the WhatsApp Group and sign out after completing your hour.

Download the png picture of the Word Watch to share on WhatsApp
Download the instructions and 24 hour reading list to share on WhatsApp
Download the 24 hour roster to fill in names

What is the spiritual value of a Word Watch?
Wat is die geestelike waarde van ‘n Woordwag?

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