Twelve weeks of reading, accompanied by prayer and discussion of Andrew Murray’s book, “With Christ in the School of Prayer”

Facilitated by Jericho Walls International Prayer Network

We are in the year 2021. Last year we all witnessed and experienced unprecedented periods of national lockdowns, economic challenges, rising unemployment and the death of loved ones. Our faith was challenged, our souls were traumatised by the psychological side-effects of the loss of our freedom of movement and isolation from loved ones. Church life was interrupted and turned upside down. Our relationships with each other became largely dependent on technology and social media.

But our God is still the same. Through the past twenty centuries, the New Testament church had gone through similar upheavals, severe persecution and faith challenges. Wars, ecological disasters and persecutions caused large scale migration or displacement of people. God used these challenges in almost every century to purify and revive His church, bringing them back to the Word, to prayer and to the preaching of the gospel in countries where it has not been heard. In a similar way, the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a tremendous increase in prayer, repentance and the searching of the scriptures for answers. However, we have not yet seen a similar thrust for evangelism or cross-cultural mission work that usually accompanies such an increase in prayer.

Many historic revivals began with deep heart-searching prayer that led to a concern about the spiritual condition of the church and the eternal damnation of the unsaved, which in turn led to intense intercession and eventually to the preaching of the gospel that caused thousands of people to be saved. Dr Andrew Murray lived through such a period of revival that started in 1860. His teaching on prayer, revival and spiritual growth continues to inspire Christians all over the world to give themselves to intercession that will bring in a harvest of souls.

Jericho Walls International Prayer Network invites you to join us for three months (March – May 2021) as we read through Andrew Murray’s book: With Christ in the School of Prayer.

Sign up on Telegram to join this initiative. You will receive the weekly chapters to read, regular prayer points related to the week’s reading, and on a Thursday the group will be open for discussion and testimonies. Click this Telegram link:

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