Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Too often a “story” like the wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc. eventually numb our feelings. We lose interest and even though we see the pictures and news-clips, it doesn’t touch our hearts anymore.

However, the millions of internally displaced people are still displaced. After 8 years, children in Syria, are still not in schools. Just think about it for one moment. Children that were 7 years old when the war in Syria started, are now 15, and they still cannot read or write or prepare for any job except sweeping streets or other forms of manual labour. All of them have dreams that now are shattered.

It is winter again. Mud, rain and snow in the refugee camps, people still living in tents (by now leaking), not enough heat, not enough clothes or food – and the “world on the outside” seemingly don’t care.


  • For successful peace negotiations in these war-torn nations.
  • For continued physical help for the needs of these millions of adults and children.
  • For NGO’s that can help with therapy for those children that are traumatised beyond comprehension.
  • For Christians NGO’s to be allowed to continue to do their work and be able to demonstrate God’s love to these people.
  • For definite ways to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with these refugees – all of us are faced with eternity – the refugees also.

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