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The Syrian civil war continues to bring tension between opposing parties involved in the conflict, including the US and Russia. The alleged chemical attack by Syrian forces in the Douma suburb of Damascus on 7 April, was condemned by Western countries. Despite this, Bashar al-Assad (Syria’s president) and his allies, Russia and Iran, dismissed the allegations and accused the Islamist rebel group that controls the Douma suburb, of fabricating videos to gain international support, because they were facing defeat.

The problem is, however, that there is no conclusive evidence yet that the al-Assad government used the chemical weapons. There are several other parties that could benefit from the chemical attack, while Syria which is on the brink of getting control over the whole of Douma, can gain basically nothing from the use of chemical weapons.

Rescue workers reported that at least 85 people died from the chemical attack. The Syrian American Medical Society said in a joint report that more than 500 people had gone to the medical centres after the assault, “with symptoms indicative of exposure to a chemical substance”.

After they claimed that they had “analysed the evidence”, the US, the UK and France launched missile attacks on 2 chemical weapons storage facilities and a scientific research centre in Syria on Saturday, 14 April. Three people were injured in these attacks.

Al-Assad said that these missile attacks will not stop him from “fighting terrorism” and that this “will increase the determination to continue fighting”. Russia condemned the missile attacks by the 3 Western allies and vowed that the strikes “will not be left without consequences”.

More war will just kill more people in a nation that is already saturated with blood.

Please read the following article from INcontext Ministries which provides a different perspective from the media hype: Saviour or savage?


  • For the opposing groups in the Syrian conflict, particularly the US and Russia, not to escalate the tensions further and in the process destabilise the region.
  • Since 2012 there have already been more than 70 reported cases of chemical attacks. There are indications that both the Assad Government and the rebels have been using chemical weapons. Pray for this horrific type of warfare to end and for the guilty parties to be revealed.
  • Pray for the many people who suffer from the effects of the chemical attacks and for ordinary civilians (men, women and children) who are gripped by fear.
  • Keep on praying for all conflict and violence in Syria to come to an end, and for the Gospel to reach more people in the country with God’s message of peace.

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