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Lydia is a leader in India with a ministry that uses film, media, and direct interaction to mobilise believers to go to unreached, unengaged regions of the world.  “On the night before the last day of ministry in India I had a dream,” Lydia recounts.

In Lydia’s dream, she was on her way to the slums in Delhi. She got into an Uber driver’s car and saw something surprising. “I noticed a brand new pair of shoes on the floor in front of me.” She asked the driver if they belonged to him or his family and he said they didn’t, so Lydia put them on.

When she awakened the next morning, she sought the Lord for the meaning behind the dream. “He reminded me of Ephesians 6 and the armour of God.” He impressed upon her heart that the shoes in the dream were the shoes for the readiness of the Gospel of Peace.

So before heading into the slums to do ministry that day, Lydia and her team began to pray that God would clothe them with His armour. They called for an Uber and after they got in the car, their translator began speaking with the driver. “All of a sudden he was giving his life to the Lord!” Lydia recounts.

When they exited the car she asked the translator what happened.“I preached the Gospel and the man felt so much peace that he decided to surrender his life to Jesus.” One of Lydia’s teammates tapped her excitedly, “It’s just like your dream! The Gospel of peace came in the Uber!”

“That day there were six healings and another salvation in the slums, but the Lord had a specific agenda for one Uber driver. He had so much intentional love for him that he gave me a dream to foreshadow what he wanted to do that day. He always goes after the one!”

Source: God Reports

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