Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Here are two testimonies of spiritual breakthroughs in Saudi Arabia after the Hajj 2019.

‘I felt a spiritual emptiness in me. Something was lacking in my life, so I began searching for the truth. One night, Jesus appeared to me in a dream. Seeing him there in my room, I felt love and security. I knew that the truth I was seeking could not be found in Islam but in Jesus.’ *Mansoor is a middle-aged man and has been a Muslim all his life, yet he was immediately convinced that Christ was the only way.

Bady* was a Hajj tour guide for 18 years, accompanying Muslims to help them complete their pilgrimages. ‘I became disillusioned with Islam. At first, I tended to atheism. I didn’t tell anyone about it. But I felt that I needed to leave Saudi. I ended up in a refugee camp in Europe, where I found a Bible. After reading it, I opened my heart. I want to know the truth.’
*Not their real names.



  • Praise God for their salvation. Pray that more Arabs would receive salvation.
  • Pray for them to read the Bible and grow in their new life in Christ.
  • Pray for converts to meet other Christians for fellowship and further discipleship.

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