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The ever-growing post-coup purge in Turkey struck another blow in April 2017. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan fired nearly 4,000 more public officials, and banned Wikipedia and certain television dating shows. Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia, was particularly blocked because the Turkish government says the site refused to take down content and articles which alluded to Turkey cooperating with terrorist groups.

Those fired or jailed also include teachers, academics, journalists (more than anywhere else in the world), and pastors (including imprisoned American pastor Andrew Brunson).Todd Nettleton with The Voice of the Martyrs, USA says, “My concern is that what we’re seeing is another step down the road to a dictatorship in Turkey. Since the failed coup attempt last summer, there’s now been 140,000 people purged from their jobs. There are thousands that have been arrested…. Literally, entire universities have closed down because all of the staff members, all of the faculty have been purged from their jobs. So this is another step now. We’ve purged people; now let’s start to control the flow of information. If it’s information we don’t like, then we’ll not let the people see it.”

“As someone who has visited Turkey numerous times, I love the country of Turkey, I love the people there, and so this is very concerning.”

Turkey is 99.8 percent Muslim, with the other 0.2 percent accounting for minority religions, mostly Jews and Christians. Being a Turk and a Muslim are seen as synonymous.


  • Pray for the believers in Turkey – to stand firm, be filled with the Holy Spirit and be faithful witnesses.
  • Pray that the government will not crack down on the churches and that God will protect the church from attacks from radical Muslims.
  • Pray for laws that will make it possible for the church to function and grow. Nothing is impossible for the One that is Almighty.

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