Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

The Sudanese government is very anti-Christianity, anything or anyone that is non-Muslim. The president said he wants to make the north 100 percent Muslim. The result is that the Church is going through “pressure after pressure”. It comes in constant waves.

Very often pastors are imprisoned, church buildings and property confiscated or simply burned down. When pastors refuse to cancel church services, they will simply be arrested under the charge of public disturbance.

Pressure on the church is mounting and the government constantly interferes with church affairs. They are taking that control even a step further. They want to change the leadership to have a leadership which is standing with the government which would put even more pressure on active Christians within that denomination.

There are several unreached people groups in Sudan. Workers are needed to reach them. Let us pray for Christians in Sudan to reach out to these groups and for material like audio Bibles, the Jesus film and Bibles to be available.

The people from the rural areas that move to the cities are an open door for the church. As people move to other cities, they typically look to the Church for assistance. Many of these people are farmers and they have difficulty finding work in the city. This is an opportunity for the church to reach many with the gospel of salvation.


  • The Sudanese church needs a lot of support: funding, education, church buildings, etc.
  • They need our prayers to stand firm under pressure.
  • The influence of foreign powers like the pressure from the American government is a great help to curb all kinds of attacks on the church. Pray for more pressure on the authorities and that foreign governments will speak out against what is happening and that they will take effective steps that will force the government to change the policies.
  • Pray for a revival of prayer amongst the Christians in Sudan.


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