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Dina Hadad feared the time when her husband, Mohammad, returned home each day. The beatings were not daily, but almost. Mohammad, a Syrian Jihadist, justified his evil drunken violence with Suras from the Quran.  Dina thought, “What a religion we have! Are women just born to be slaves, punching bags, and baby machines? Is that our lot?”

Mohammad’s three businesses thrived and he was also a faithful leader at the mosque in Aleppo. He was a sex-addict and over the first several years of their marriage he had 66 affairs. He would tell Dina about each one and even arranged for the imam to call it a temporary marriage. Basically, it was legalised prostitution. Mohammad paid the money, the women agreed, and the imam and mosque were fine with it.

Mohammad despised all Syrian government officials and lived for the day that he could do something heroic for all Sunni Muslims. He wanted to kill President Assad.

“But then something happened one night. It changed everything. Jesus came to me in a dream and told me that I was on the wrong path and that He loved me. How could He love me? My own wife didn’t love me!

I thought it was some kind of hallucination and that would be the end of that. But, Jesus kept coming to me. More dreams. More love. More confusion on my part, so I decided to find a Bible. I’d heard about the Book and I had to get one. I stole one out of a church and secretly started to read it. The words on the pages did something deep in my heart.

In the midst of the war that raged around us, Jesus was coming to me in dreams and I was also finding comfort in the Bible. Then I dared to go to a church. I made sure that no one was watching and I quietly went in. I was overwhelmed by the love I felt in that room from total strangers.

“I never heard words like that in my life. How could Jesus forgive me? Anyone but me! My evil heart was so dark. I beat my wife mercilessly and degraded her by all the other women in my life. When I read the gospels and saw how Jesus talked to the Pharisees… it was as if He was speaking to me alone.

“Yet, this amazing Jesus was willing to forgive me anyway. After a year of reading the Bible and going to the Bible studies, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I repented and I gave my life to Jesus. How I wept for all my sins! The first person I wanted to tell was dear Dina.

“How could I blame Dina when she did not want to forgive me? But then Jesus took over. I prayed that God would make me a good husband; a real husband like I read about in the New Testament. He did that! I fell in love with Dina and I would even pray before dinner to Jesus. I would always thank Him for Dina and our two wonderful children. For eight months I invited her to go to church with me and she would just say no. But one day I invited her, and she said: “I am ready.”

It took Dina about a year before she found her way to Jesus. She was finally free and she also was able to forgive her husband.

Mohammad lost his businesses and the imam that was closer than a brother, has now called for Mohammad’s death. Both Dina’s parents and Mohammad’s have done the same. The Hadads are refugees in Lebanon now, but they are both ready to die for Jesus.

(Shortened and edited)
Source: Uncharted ministries

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