Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Shaik was born into an orthodox Muslim family in India. His father told him that he could convert to any religion he wanted – except Christianity! Shaik obeyed and studied Islam and a Hindu philosophy cult. He was not content with his life, though.

One day, Shaik tried to commit suicide. Miraculously, he survived. Not long after this, he was travelling with a friend who kept a stack of books beside him. Curious, Shaik picked one up. “If you die right now,” the author asked, “where would you go?”

After much soul-searching and not being able to sleep, Shaik gave his life to Jesus and found joy and peace and a purpose. He started praying for his family to come to Christ and since then has seen all of them accept Christ as their personal Saviour. It took nearly 25 years!



  • Thank God that Shaik discovered the power of Jesus Christ that transforms lives.
  • Thank the Lord for pursuing people even when they do not want Him to.
  • Pray for millions of Muslims across India to know Jesus as their personal Saviour.

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