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Syria: the “never-ending crisis”

Friday 22 March 2019 marked the eighth year of the Syrian refugee crisis. The Syrian War is really complex. Heart for Lebanon’s Tom Atema says: “For every question that’s asked about the Syrian refugee crisis there are 20 answers, and every one of the answers is correct. I don’t think this thing will end anytime soon. I don’t see any country in the world having the ‘want to’ to help get in there and end [the Syrian war], never mind the funds to rebuild Syria.” He says: “This is our opportunity to reach Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t understand why more people aren’t involved.

While totals vary, an estimated 11- to 12-million people inside and outside of Syria need humanitarian aid. The Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon is deteriorating, and the number of people living on less than $3.84 a day has risen from 30 to 70%. A majority of Syrians – more than 80% – live below the global poverty line. Over 85% have little or no access to clean water and healthcare. Children and young people make up about half of the Syrian refugee population.

Syria – what remains of it, anyway – holds little prospect for those who return. Multiple bombings flattened entire villages. Only half of the country’s health facilities are still functioning. The ongoing war poses a continual threat to safety.


  • For many years Christians prayed that the door to Syria will open. Now it is open. Pray for people who will go into the country to bring Christ’s compassion and message of salvation to them.
  • Pray for an end to the conflict in Syria. Our God directs the affairs of men, and He can do what seems impossible.
  • Pray that Lebanon’s team will have strength and endurance as they help Syrian refugees. Pray the Gospel will reach those who need to hear it.
  • Ask the Lord for Christians ministries, and the nation as a whole, to be able to start rebuilding the country.


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