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On the 8th of May 2019 South Africa will hold yet another pivotal national election. More than ever before, it is our responsibility to pray for our nation, its people, leaders, government and parliament. One is reminded of the encouragement of 2 Chronicles 29:11, that this is not a time to be negligent in prayer, fasting and devotion to God. We want to encourage believers to organise themselves into regular times of prayer, also fasting as the Holy Spirit directs in the time leading up to the elections. This article aims to suggest some election prayer guidelines, as well as ideas to mobilise others to join in prayer.

National Prayer Initiative for the elections

Different prayer initiatives for the elections will be initiated by ministries across the nation. The National Prayer Initiative of Jericho Walls Prayer Network includes prayer updates that will be sent via a WhatsApp Broadcast List, called the Jericho Walls Prayer Room. To sign up for these updates to pray for South Africa, please send a WhatsApp message with your name and surname to +27 84 989 8000. Remember to save this number in your contacts list.

Prayer Guidelines for the elections

We have compiled some basic guidelines to help us pray for some of the most important matters in our nation as it prepares for the national elections. The most crucial issues are corruption, the economy, racism and violence. If not dealt with, these issues can lead the country to anarchy, a breakdown of law and order, outbreaks of violence with severe destruction of property and infrastructure, and the senseless killing of people. Download the complete article to find the prayer guidelines for the elections. Or download the prayer guidelines in Z-fold (pamphlet) format.

As we pray, it is important to remember the need to submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit and constantly ask His guidance as to what to pray. We must allow Him to direct us and reveal to us from Scripture what we should pray in everything related to our nation or the elections.

Prayer strategy to mobilise others to join in prayer

It is of utmost importance that Believers across denominational and racial borders at this time will join in individual, as well as corporate prayer for breakthroughs in our nation. There are different ways in which this can be done. You may consider one or more of the following possible strategies.

  1. Personal devotions. Include one prayer pointer per day or week for the country and upcoming elections as part of your personal devotions from now onwards until the elections in May.
  2. Corporate prayer times. Consider inviting any groups you are involved in at church or work to join in specific prayer for the elections. This may include your Bible study group, prayer groups at church, school or work, before and during church services etc.
  3. Church bulletins. A few prayer pointers can be inserted into the church bulletin that people take home or on social media pages e.g. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This prayer guide can be made available on your website, sent via email or distributed to Believers via any other communication medium.
  4. Pray everywhere.
  • Schools. Consider starting a prayer group with other parents at the school. You could spend 20 minutes before school starts, during break times (especially if you are a teacher at a school), or just before you pick up the children from school.
  • Workplace. You can invite a few people to pray together during lunch breaks, before work or just a few minutes after work.
  • In the community. Find out where different voting stations will be set up in your area and share this information with other Believers. You may consider praying at the location where voting stations will be set up once a week.
  • Police stations, security firms. On voting day, effective policing and security will play an important role. Consider praying at these places as the Holy Spirit leads you. Adopt a police station and its staff in your area in prayer. Invite churches in the area to do the same. You may also consider praying at the local municipality, for the mayor, etc. as the Holy Spirit leads your group.
Continued prayer for SA during 2019

We also need to continue praying for South Africa throughout 2019, concerning other matters of importance. Download the complete article to find the prayer guidelines for continued prayer for South Africa. Or download the prayer guidelines in Z-fold (pamphlet) format.

Let us persevere in prayer!

Continue to pray for every matter of importance in South Africa as the Holy Spirit leads you in your specific area of influence. Do not become weary or negligent but remain faithful in persevering prayer for our nation and its people.

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Prayer guidelines in Z-fold format
Join us in prayer via the Jericho Walls WApp Prayer Watch

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