Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

It is one thing to talk about using the internet and social media to share the gospel, some people are actually using it Рin astonishing ways and astonishing numbers.

The Jesus Film Project is distributing the gospel in more than 1600 translations worldwide. Many of the translations are in languages that native Muslims understand. Millions of videos are downloaded on many different electronic devices each year.

There is a pastor working from his home, doing Bible Studies with Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East. He has 6.3 million people connected to his ministry – most of them Muslims.
Another media network has 6 million followers on Facebook. In a small underground radio station in one country, they receive more than 1 million likes, share and questions on Facebook. Two other ministries have each 1,2 and 1,3 million followers. One website in the Middle East gets 700 000 hits per day. Then there are people that have chat-rooms and smaller groups of followers. Many groups are working in this field, with much fruit.


  • For Spirit-filled leaders and people that work in this area.
  • For constantly new and creative ways to reach people through electronic media.
  • For effective follow-up systems to help people that are interested and new converts.


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