“Because of all the injustice that I have seen in Islam, I decided that I would no longer believe in God (Allah).” Jenny* is whispering into her mobile phone as she tells me her story. She lives in a city in the Near East Region, and so far I have not met her face to face. “But I felt as if all hope had left me. After a few months, I started praying again and I said to God: I need you in my life. Please show me who you really are.” Jenny* studies medicine. At a book fair, she found an Arabic bible and started reading it, but her family took it away because they didn’t want her to get into trouble. Then she started searching the internet. She got connected with one of our friends, and they passed her contact details on to me. We have started doing Bible studies on the phone, and it is such a joy for me to see her hunger for the word of God.

According to research done at one of the universities in the region, 30 % of the students in Muslim majority nations say that they no longer believe in God (Allah), because of the disillusionment with Islam after the religious violence of the last two decades. It is heart-breaking to know that many of them simply have no idea of the peace and healing that Jesus could bring into their lives because of the lack of witnesses to the gospel here.
Source: Cry Out


  • Please pray that this hunger would grow deeper with every word that they study and for others that are involved in doing the same Bible studies.
  • Please also pray that she and others that are spiritually hungry, would find others in their communities/cities who are hungry for the Word and want to study with her so that she will not be an isolated believer.
  • Pray that God would provide the kind of discipleship to those who seek him, that changes the seekers not only into believers but into disciple-makers themselves so that everyone in this region can hear the gospel.
  • Pray for conversations like this that are happening across the Near East with disillusioned students and others. Pray for God encounters.


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