Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


Millions of Muslim pilgrims are coming to the end of the Hajj. They came bearing the heavy and crushing weight of their own sin and shame. When they leave, this burden will remain. Not even the Hajj – the spiritual climax of their lives – will cleanse them of shame or lift the burden of their sins.

Shame is fundamental to Muslim societies because nearly all Muslims live in group-oriented cultures. Honour is akin to wealth: the more you and your family have, the better off you are in society. Honour is gained through family solidarity, property, courage, generosity, hospitality and – most importantly – the chastity of women. If a person or family is shamed or dishonoured, they can maintain a grudge for a lifetime and show even more extreme reactions including revenge, shunning, or even murder.


  • That Muslims eyes will open to the futility of their spiritual efforts.
  • That they see their desperate need of a Saviour.
  • Pray for those desperate for mercy, forgiveness, and acceptance to find it in Jesus.
  • Pray for Muslims’ shame to be replaced by everlasting joy through Jesus Christ.
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