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For refugees or in cases of forced migration, it takes on average 17 years before a family will be established and can provide for themselves. This is the sad reality.

Many people just want the Syrians, Afghans, Iraqi’s, Sudanese, Congolese, etc. to go home and start to “take responsibility” for themselves. There are several reasons why it is in many cases just impossible. Nothing is left of where they came from. Nothing. No houses, families, friends, schools, agricultural land (often full of landmines), no seed to sow and over and above that the people going back are extremely traumatized. They are just too afraid to leave the “secure” situation of the camps they are living in – irrespective how dismal the circumstances may be. They are afraid, alone (too often all their family members are killed and very often it was horrific killings and sexual violence).

The truth is that many want to go back – even many that live in Europe or America. But they do not have money to go back and others just have nothing to go back to.

Article to readLebanon: Syrian refugees reluctant to go home


  • That God will make a way for them where there seems to be no way. This crisis is too big for human solutions only – only God can change the situation of the 65 million across border refugees and internally displaced people.
  • Pray for governments to stabilize in the Muslim world and take responsibility to help build up their countries.
  • Pray for peace, unity, forgiveness and reconciliation. Each of these four concepts is of utmost importance.


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