Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

The MENA region – Equipping the next Generation


The future of children and young people

in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

hangs in the balance…


The ravaging conflicts across the MENA region have resulted in millions of children being displaced and becoming refugees.  Many children in these war zones are taught hate, violence and death. They are traumatised by the violence and millions are left physically and psychologically scarred. Many are falling victim to the consequences of conflict: including rape, forced prostitution and recruitment into fighting forces. Across this region there are around thirteen million children who do not have access to a school and quality education. They are in a most desperate situation.

Parents and teachers would normally provide children with the knowledge and education that they need to develop into a balanced and productive generation.  However, these parents in the MENA region need help to process their own trauma and support to be strong for their children. Teachers need encouragement to educate and impact their students positively.

SAT-7 strives to bridge the gap and meet the needs of this next generation through holistic programming and their new channel: SAT-7 ACADEMY.  Founder and CEO Dr Terence Ascott says:

“Equipping the next generation is about developing positive values and attitudes, and teaching children how to think and make important life choices. We want to shape a productive, inclusive and democratic future society in the region by better equipping children to learn, parents to parent, and teachers to teach.”

Much prayer is needed for this initiative and for all the people involved. Will you, your church, and prayer groups please join thousands of Christians who will be gathering across the globe during the week of 5 – 12 November 2017, to commit this next generation in the MENA region and the work of SAT-7 among them to God.

DO NOT miss this chance
to help raise up the next generation
in the Middle East and North Africa.

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In preparation for the Week of Prayer you can visit the SAT-7 website for the following:

  • Download the SAT-7 prayer guide for the seven days of the week. For each day, there is an explanation of each situation that you can pray into, paired with Bible verses to meditate on, and prayer requests for SAT-7.
  • Be a part of spreading the word about SAT-7’s Week of Prayer to your community and church. You can download a poster and postcard to encourage more people to get involved.
  • Learn more about the situation in the MENA by reading articles published daily on the SAT-7 website during the Week of Prayer.

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