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Rebuilding a Holy Nation
25 February to 7 April 2019

This is a prayer initiative issued by IFSA (Intercessors Forum of South Africa) and entails five weeks of focussed prayer for the church in South Africa from 25 February to 7 April 2019. Our Heavenly Father is focussed on the Holy nation (1 Pet 2:9) within the nation that does not stand before God with clean hands or pure hearts (Ps 24:4) and consequently our prayers have been unable to release the blessing and transformative power we so desperately need (Jam 5:16).

Christ is the Rock
When we as the Church are not aligned to and built on the foundation that is Christ, the stone becomes a stone of stumbling and the rock a rock of offence to the very company of believers that were appointed by God and yet became disobedient to the word they were appointed to (1 Pet 2:8). Instead of fully trusting on and relying on the Lord (Ps 18:2), we have moved away from Him and we have trusted in alternative ‘rocks’ that this world endorses.

The 5 false rocks
The five false rocks that we identified from Scripture depict the false constructs we lean on and trust in our pursuit of well being. Trust in Scripture refers to what we have confidence in, what we gain security from, the things we hope in, lean and rely on. The 5 counterfeit trusts (rocks) we will be praying about are:

  1. Trusting in flesh / self i.e. Our own abilities, desires, lusts/pleasures, strength, wisdom, identity, opinion etc. (Prov 3:5, Jer 17:5, 2 Cor 1:9)
  2. Trusting in princes i.e. Leaders, politicians, influential people (Ps 118:9, Ps 146:3, Is 36:5, Jer 46:25)
  3. Trusting in wealth / riches i.e. All forms of greed, desire for money (Ps 49:6, Mark 10:24, 1 Tim 6:17)
  4. Trusting in false gods / falsehood. This includes: false Christianity, changing the truth to suit us, false systems of worship/religion, idolatry, philosophies etc. (Is 42:17, Is 59:4, Jer 7:4)
  5. Trusting in horses and chariots i.e. worldly systems such as political parties, government, government structures, judicial systems, cultural systems, United Nations etc. (Ps 20:7, Is 31:1)

Each one of the above topics will be unpacked and elaborated as we participate in the prayer initiative that we call “Return to Me!”.

How to participate
Individually or within existing prayer groups.  Pray in your personal quiet time, or during regular prayer meetings that are already in place. Guidelines are available in a booklet format and weekly concise reminders can be received via WhatsApp that will be sent out at the beginning of every next prayer subject.To receive the weekly WhatsApp messages please email the following details to Your Name, Surname, cell phone number, province and city.  In the Subject heading put: RETURN TO ME WHATSAPP GROUP

For more information and the prayer booklet, visit the IFSA website.

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