Refugees from Syria and Iraq are slowly starting to go back. It is still just a trickle. But most of them are literally going back to nothing. There is only rubble, bitterness, nightmares, psychological scars, broken bodies, children without parents and deeply traumatized, a generation of of people between 7-18 without education (many cannot even read because they were not in school for 6 years.)

Many more want to go home – even those who fled the country to Lebanon, Jordan, Europe, Egypt and other nations, but they have no means to get back.

However, the danger is not over. While the power of ISIS is to a large extent broken, new and old groups are emerging – like al Qaida.

These people are in need of deep counselling, education, medical and economic help to rebuild the nation and solid leadership structures.


  • Pray for Christians and other NGOs to come and help. Pray that they will get permission to come into these countries to do the work.
  • Pray for the children that are in need of everything possible: food, clothes, love, education, trauma counselling – and hope.

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