Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

John* visited Syria in March 2017 and felt that the atmosphere was rather depressing with many check points along the way. When he returned in August, he felt a change in the air. “People are feeling more hopeful for the future. Some refugees and internally displaced people are starting to return to their homes” John shares.

(There are Syrians from different countries in Europe (like Germany) that are going back to Syria and need to be literally “smuggled” back to Syria – at great financial cost.)

John and his delegation met with various leaders in Syria. These ministers and deputy ministers are indicating that they feel the civil war is ending and they need help to rebuild Syria! The destruction is massive, with almost half of the 22 million population misplaced, infrastructure destroyed and buildings collapsed.  But, where to begin?  The civil war started in Homs with 40% of the city buildings destroyed, rows and rows of buildings destroyed beyond repair, combined with the beauty of some families starting to rebuild their own houses and shop buildings! In many areas there are still no electricity or water supply available.

The country needs to be rebuilt. The economy needs to be re-established. New jobs, new employment need to be created!

Business people from China see this as a golden opportunity to do business and make money, an opportunity to sell their products, technologies and services. The risk is high, but they are willing to come. Are Christians willing to say yes to this challenge? Are believers willing to say that they will take the risk, step out in faith and see a nation restored?  This is the moment and the opportunity to help in the reconstruction and rebuilding of lives, while having the opportunity to share God’s love in their time of need.


  • for infrastructure to be established – roads, water, electricit, channels to transport food and life necessities.
  • ?for Christians to go into Syria and start businesses to help rebuild the nation.
  • for churches to reach out to address the social needs of people and for open doors to share the gospel.

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